A Day at the Civil War Reenactment

Who- Me, with my children

What- Civil War Reenactment

Where- Lake County Forest Preserve, Any-town, USA- 

When- July 2011

Why- Why I reevaluated family excursions… but families should do this kind of thing, shouldn’t they?


Emma: “Shut up Ethan.”

Ethan: “Emma hit me!!”

Zoe: “Emma is wearing my Flip flops!”

Me: “This is so cool.”

Ethan: “I’m bored.”

Zoe: “I’m hungry.”

Ethan: “Can we go?”

Emma: “Shut up Ethan.”

Me: “This is so cool.”

*Photo credit- Daily Herald

**Names have been changed to protect the insolent.

The Daily Post, June 28, 2015, Daily Prompt: Groupthink~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/groupthink/”>Groupthink</a&gt;

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