Wake Me at Five

A game that was fun for about five minutes when I was a preteen was… let’s call the game “Would you rather?”: Would you rather be stabbed or shot? Would you rather drown or burn to death? Would you rather be a victim of a shark attack or fall to your death? Would you rather change a tire or pick up dog poop? Would you rather do your taxes or have a colonoscopy? Pick the lesser of two evils.
I admit that was a morbidly stupid and pointless game, which is why I never sold the rights to Milton Bradley… although I think someone else did.

What brought that up?

Today’s prompt: “You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?” Really? This is the real “Daily Prompt? ” (I’m not even going to mention that WE JUST DID A FOOD PROMPT.)

First of all, sign me up for this captivity! Take me away from my self appointed much harsher captivity and put me on that island with five foods. The island that I live on has me on a single day off, and I have a list of unpleasantness to complete which includes: taxes, a vet visit with a stool sample, and a mammogram, a flat tire repair and a phone call to solve an insurance issue. Nowhere on that list am I asked what I want to eat.

All right, I’ll play, but then we’re playing my game… The five foods I’ll take: cake, sashimi, Manhattan style clam chowder, some fava beans and a nice chianti. Yes wine is a food.
Food- any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.

Onto my game now. To follow along the same lines, tomorrow I suggest one of the following prompts:

1) You are in a coma, and can only have five television programs playing in your intensive care unit. What would you pick?

2) You have entered the witness protection program and as such, must have your appearance surgically altered. What five features would you choose to alter?

3) You are forced to jump off a building, but one of five people will catch you. Who are the five people you choose?

4) You have been arrested for a white collar crime that you claim you didn’t commit. What five items would you decorate your prison suite with?

5) You live in California where the weather is always perfect. You have a friend from the harsh east coast visiting you. To make her feel better about where she lives, you must come up with five complaints about California weather. What are your gripes?

Off to do my taxes.
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Five a Day
You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

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<a href="http://Five a Day“>Five a Day

8 thoughts on “Wake Me at Five

  1. I played a rather disturbing game of “Would You Rather” the Harry Potter edition last night. My sisters are pretty good at giving you difficult choices.

    I like your game. Here are my thoughts Enjoy:

    1. Lois & Clark, Arrow, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time and Scooby Doo.

    2. Hair color and cut, eye color, get a tattoo and color of skin. (all things that can be removed or changed back to normal later! I like my body how it is.)

    3. Can I just choose five highly trained rescue men?

    4. Books, bookshelves, photos of my family, pillows and my Captain Jack Sparrow poster.

    5. I never get to see the seasons. It’s always the same here.
    I hate the humid heat.
    It’s always warm here. I never get to wear my cute sweater dresses!
    I wish I could build a snowman instead of a sandman.
    What’s the point of having winter boots if I never get the weather to wear them!
    (though actually I’m from the “harsh east coast” so I’m not sure of the validity of these…)

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    1. I’ve submitted a few ideas to no avail. What is their criteria? As much as I complain about the prompts they come up with, I wouldn’t want to subject myself to the criticism they get from the likes of me. 😉

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  2. I didn’t comment on this earlier because (believe it or not), I was thinking about it. Especially about having actually been in a coma (medically induced) and remembering that I did hear stuff. I didn’t respond, but any television show would have been very disturbing. Because the things you hear become part of your dreams, but coma dreams are not like regular dreams and you don’t wake up.

    I know you didn’t mean it seriously and I thought they were really funny, but that one sort of stopped me an left me remember all kinds of weird stuff.

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    1. Marilyn, I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve been in a coma. I have a friend who had a near death experience, and that’s a crazy true story. Your experience is fascinating, and frightening. Have you written about it? I’m sorry you had to experience it.
      The only experience I have that is even remotely similar is one time when I was anesthetized for surgery, I was able to hear the doctors and nurses private conversation as they flirted, talked about me, discussed their dinner plans. That only happened once. That wasn’t frightening, but it was odd.
      This post was an attempt at humor, but my humor can be dark… and sometimes inappropriate.


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