Myself and I

If I had a clone she and I could
Each work one job because we would
Have the income to pay
Our bills everyday
Responsibility halved would be good

Every chore every duty and repair
Would be easy because we’d share
That copious weight
Life’s strain would abate
I’d blossom in a life without care

Parental trials and tribulations
Shared without a list of stipulations
No more schedule conflicts
My spawns success I predict
For once we might take a vacation

I’d take myself out to dinner and a show
Show my self off everywhere I go
Winters by the sea
Summer in Tuscany
Two is far better than one we all know
The Daily Post
Feb 16, 2015
Daily Prompt
Clone Wars
If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

<a href="http://Clone Wars“>Clone Wars

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