Who’s Counting?

I went through a shortlist of things that make me happy. I considered the movie Elf when Will Ferrel says “smiling” is his favorite. Not me. Smiling kind of pisses me off. It makes me think about how my teeth might have food in them, or how I could benefit from some cosmetic dentistry, but mostly it brings to mind the butt faced jerk who always says “Smile!”, and then I know smiling is not my favorite. He says, “Smile!”, and I show my teeth… Like my dogs do when I take away the food they tried to take off the counter. You can see it’s not on my shortlist below.

What is my favorite? Bear with me while I go through this process. My favorite person, my place, or my favorite thing- In 300 words? Decide, then sell it. Decide.

Cortadito – Cuban espresso

Dry Red Wine – not from a box

Tiramisu – from Deerfield Bakery

Sashimi – very fresh raw fish sliced thin

New York City – in June especially

A lap dog and a crazy mutt – unconditional love

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Frazer – fictional 18th-century Scottish warrior with flaming red hair- sigh

Colin Firth – No explanation required

Driving with an audiobook – escapism

Laughing – from the gut

I am a person with no downtime. I’m not complaining- I’m explaining my list.

I live in a house of cards. It’s full of teenagers and the few animals that remain since my no replacement policy has been enacted. (When fluffy the bearded dragon eats his last cricket, I’m donating his habitat to goodwill and calling it a day.) My house is in constant need of repairs. I work many hours to fund all of the above. As such, my list consists of primal pleasures. Exquisite tastes, the fantasy of the perfect, man, and the escape of a good book on paper, tablet, or audio.

To choose one thing would be unfair to the rest. Let’s combine a few and see what happens:

Sashimi and laughing:
Do I have to? We all know what happens when someone makes us laugh when we’re eating or drinking.

Red wine and driving with an audiobook: Illegal! Don’t be stupid.

My dogs in New York: I’d need a dog walker, and that’s not in my budget.

Tiramisu and a cortadito: yum!
This is even better if consumed while dining with one of the two men on my list.

So there it is! My favorite thing is coffee and desert with an imaginary boyfriend… What could be better?

How about dining on tiramisu drinking a cortadito, alfresco in New York with my dogs underfoot and Colin as my companion… an audio book playing over the speakers… no, Louis Armstrong playing “La Vie En Rose” is playing over the loudspeaker.

That’s my final answer… Who’s going to count my words?
The Daily Post
Feb 2, 2015
Daily Prompt
Do or Die
You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

<a href=”http://Do or Die“>Do or Die

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