I blame it all on my high school freshman algebra teacher. Every bad thing that has ever happened to me was an indirect result of his lack of teaching impetus.

Let me paint the picture…

Well over a decade or three ago, inside a Chicago public high school, the third period bell rang. All the cliches shuffled into the classroom: dorks, burnouts, cool kids, popular click, the bimbo, and the one who fit in nowhere (me). We sat where we wanted to. The teacher, who I’ll call Mr. Imhereforthepaycheck, because his name escapes me, while remaining seated, took attendance. He pointed out the assignment he must have written on the chalkboard first period, leaned back in his chair and fell sleep. We opened our books to the page written on the board, and found the corresponding answer page in the back of the book. Loud conversations ensued as we commence copying the answers onto our papers.

Meanwhile, a few of the burnouts set some wads of paper on fire and tossed the fireball on the floor in the middle of the classroom, everyone laughed nervously, while continuing their loud conversations. The teacher did not wake up, and the fire eventually died out. Some kids left. The bimbo and her boyfriend sat in the back of the classroom sucking face. Eventually, the bell rang, the teacher resumed his original sitting position, and we all dropped our classwork in the basket on his desk on our way out.

That was a typical day in my year of freshman Algebra. Test days were more of the same. I ended the year with a B+, and what I learned was that my teacher was a pot head, and nothing else. The right side of my brain suffered acute atrophy. I lost my confidence, and never felt I could take another math class.

As such, Mr. Imhereforthepaycheck ruined my life. My plans of entering the field of rocket science were thwarted. I never went on to become a doctor, an architect, or a person who measures things. The world has suffered tragically from the loss of my potential.
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Feb 1, 2015
Daily Prompt
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Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

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11 thoughts on “Thwarted

      1. It’s my theory that each discipline has its own way of thinking and its own part of the brain it thinks from. If any part of the brain has the equivalent of heart, I don’t think it is the part used by algebra and geometry.

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  1. I remember liking algebra a lot but my problem wasn’t the teacher it was the whole school. Up until junior high I was in public school and was an A/B student and really interested in learning science and math. Then I was put in private school starting in junior high and it all went down hill from there. The work load went up immensely compared to what I was use to and my motivation went down and never recovered. Now I realize I’m a hands on not book learner. Teachers are WAY under appreciated which I think leads them to getting burnt out and not caring. Just my two cents.

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