Christmas Re-Cap

Do you ever have that gnawing feeling that something is missing, but oookaaay refill my glass? Good morning! My turn to host the Christmas meal was not an epic fail, but I forgot to put out one of the main dishes. I’ll blame stress, and the person who arrived early with champagne. One sip and … Continue reading Christmas Re-Cap

Hosting Christmas While Grinding Molars

Hello word allies. This morning, I write to you as I glide on my stationary recumbent bike (because that’s part of my physical therapy regimen.) The time exhausted as the sun ascends each day on this bike, I pass likewise, by developing my thumb muscles, clicking away as I pedal. At the hour's conclusion, I … Continue reading Hosting Christmas While Grinding Molars

Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

Though hatched, grown, and given the bootThree birds have returned to the roost Like chicks newly hatchedStarved, equally matchedRegurgitated worm, the desired loot~•~ Happy to see them in the same roomContentment, laughter, then kaboomBehavior quite fowlHigh pitched squawks, low growlsThese “adults” came out of my womb!~•~ “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Voiced from… everywhere“She said…” “He won’t…” … Continue reading Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

The Count Down to Christmas Has begun

My mother, 88-year-old, self-appointed personal meteorologist, has (between weather updates,) taken to counting down the days until Christmas…because I need more stress. Why is the impending holiday a source of anxiety for me? I’ve been volunteered to host the family gathering, by my daughter, the one with chronic debilitating migraines and OCD. I love her … Continue reading The Count Down to Christmas Has begun

Simone’s Dating Profile (not a real dating service)

This is ankle-biter Simone, (post divorce dog,) almost 11 years old. As you see in the above picture, she has cruelly been subjected to the humiliation of home haircuts… since the beginning of the pandemic. She was a “breeder release,” (reject,) turned over to a shelter as a puppy because she had bad back legs … Continue reading Simone’s Dating Profile (not a real dating service)

Life Advice From an Unqualified Source (Me)

Psychology Today pops up on my phone regularly. The titles draw me in, the same way California middle schoolers are drawn to the Kardashians. (I am proud to say I’ve never seen a single episode.) I sometimes enjoy the Psych articles. Nothing is perfect. The primary dissatisfaction garnered, for me, is that after I’ve seen … Continue reading Life Advice From an Unqualified Source (Me)