Trump’s First Arraignment Day Looms 🥂🍾

Donald Trump flew into New York today, intending to appear at his arraignment on Tuesday, 2:15 pm ET. Who bet on no kicking and screaming? It looks like you may have won. Don’t say ‘I told you so’ yet, it could still happen. Find the criminal. Media outlets, including NBC News and The New York … Continue reading Trump’s First Arraignment Day Looms 🥂🍾

Dispelling Disinformation

I will not repeat yesterday’s complaint that the Social Security goalpost has been moved for those of us born on or after 1960. “Full retirement age” changes from 65 to 67, for us youngsters. We lose 24 months of social security payments… I won’t say that today. I said it a lot yesterday. Not today … Continue reading Dispelling Disinformation