My Morning Existential Crisis

All at the same time this morning: clap of thunder, loud💥BANG💥 (not thunder)—power goes out, and a twitter alert tells me @OfficialJesusH is following me. 🤔 What does it mean? I’m here in the dark having an existential crisis. (Also, I’m older than Jesus🙄) *UPDATE* the "Existential Crisis Hotline” retweeted this. What's happening?

Nunes Wants a Wall… a limerick

Devin M (Memo) Nunes has now ordered A wall built to crate a border Tween Dems and Repugs Someone needs a hug Paranoia— a mental disorder ___________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>

Another Seat Turned Blue… a limerick

Dems continue to turn up the heat Missouri— last night's GOP defeat A 28 point swing Hear the roar—deafening A blue wave has flipped 36 seats________________________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>

Parade for Cap’n Bonespurs… a limerick

Our great Cap'n Bonespurs wants a parade The Pentagon is to use taxes paid What a fresh new idea! Like Russia and North Korea This is how dictators are made ___________________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>