A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem

Trump complains about Mueller's expenses $17 million and not without consequences 75 criminal charges have been brought Against 22 defendants... and plea deals sought Of those defendants now charged, 5 have pled guilty 1 so far has been sentenced... no "hoax" here to see" How idiotic would a traitor have to be To plead guilty … Continue reading A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem

Trump Hijacked My Blog

My blog = me. I write what I want, when I want, if I want, about who I want, and how I want. (period)👈🏻 My blog has morphed from that of “struggling, divorced, working parent, who resents 'the man', and who aspires to write for cash," to that of an "average American suffering from political … Continue reading Trump Hijacked My Blog

Someone Seems Stressed 😬 …a poem

Several news items have now come to pass All pertain to Trump, the potus jackass, Andrew McCabe, whom Herr Trump ordered fired Only two days before he could have retired, Penned detailed memos— a Trump play by play Dating back before Comey’s discharge day Trump can't win a war fought against the Feds Poke this … Continue reading Someone Seems Stressed 😬 …a poem

Cohn Draws His Line

It's comforting to know everyone has a line they will not tolerate if crossed. The line could be— undermining healthcare, undermining Medicare, undermining Medicaid, undermining Social Security, insider-trading, standing by neo-Nazis, committing sexual assault, endorsing pedophiles and wife abusers, ignoring climate change, election tampering, conspiring with Russia, money laundering, fraud, treason... The level of corruption … Continue reading Cohn Draws His Line

Trips to Trump Resorts… a limerick

Saturday a landmark was reached At Trump resorts 100 days breached There’s no better reason, Aside from his treason, To see jackass Trump is impeached. ~~~ $56 million TAX dollars depleted In one year Donald Trump has completed More golf than: Bush, Reagan, Kennedy, Carter, Truman, Jackson combined... he must be unseated ~~~ Were his … Continue reading Trips to Trump Resorts… a limerick

Smile, Tiny Thumbs up

Trump is crumbling under the weight of Friday's indictment of thirteen Russians, and the subsequent realization that this serves as proof that Russia did interfere with the 2016 presidential election on his behalf. Whose side is he on anyway? You remember the sanctions against Russia... the ones Trump has failed to implement? The House voted … Continue reading Smile, Tiny Thumbs up