“We Have a World…”

"I never understood wind, I know windmills very much, I've studied them more than anybody...tremendous fumes, gases are spewing into the atmosphere, you know we have a world, the world is tiny compared to the universe.." ~Our beloved IMPOTUS Those words of wisdom and all of tRump’s statements regarding windmills sparked my interest. He is … Continue reading “We Have a World…”

Our House is on Fire

Current topics of discussion, as of late, have left me uninspired to write. The following joke is making the rounds: Q: What’s the difference between Trump and Greenland? A: You can't buy Greenland. The man who inspirits humor, among those who can still laugh, is not useful for much else, asking philosophical questions out of … Continue reading Our House is on Fire

”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

”I don't do cover-ups;” or any collusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” obstruction’s a delusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” porn stars the exception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” redactions/deception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” Barr sits on evidence, ” I don't do cover-ups;” that's my only defense. ”I don't do cover-ups;” I take translator’s notes, ” I don't … Continue reading ”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

Don Junior, Traitor Tot… a poem

As a rule it’s detestable to ridicule Ignorance, even that of an arrogant fool Don Junior, a nothingburger of a grown man Traitor tot with endangered species bloodied hands One willfully blinded by crazed self-deception To the extent he maintains the misconception In 2024 he’ll remain a free man This treasonous traitor has concocted a … Continue reading Don Junior, Traitor Tot… a poem

Trump’s “Good Genes”…limerick

Trump is orange, as we have all seen As for me, I’d rather be green The White House declares: “Good genes” Blame his heirs? Levis makes spray tan? What can they mean? NYT: White House says Trump's tan is the result of ‘good genes’