Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys

Tired of politics? Me too. Join me in my Mr Darcy distraction break. I know I've written and posted something similar in the past, so forgive the repetition. Mr Who? Gurl, please. Watch the YouTube video below for a brief synopsis of "Pride and Prejudice," even if you've memorized the book, like I have, it's … Continue reading Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys

When Nazis Fight Amongst Themselves, or How Many Coffee Boys Were There?

Remember Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist? We was quit/fired in August after losing a power struggle to Jared Kushner. He said he would rather work for Breitbart News anyway, the White Supremacy propaganda rag. In an old tweet,Trump insisted they parted on good terms. Well, Steve Bannon has played a part in a … Continue reading When Nazis Fight Amongst Themselves, or How Many Coffee Boys Were There?

Time Travel Alternative

I’ve mentioned before that I am a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Books, now STARZ series.  The plot of said books begins when the main character happens upon a circle of standing rocks at the wrong time and ends up in 18th century Scotland where she meets a handsome Scottish warrior who has ruined all … Continue reading Time Travel Alternative

And Now Something Non-Policital—Austen and Zombies 

Last night I did something I have been threatening to do for many months...I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. From the moment I had seen the preview nearly a year ago, I had been anticipating it's big screen release which I thought would be...last February.  Consider the fact that I do have a lot … Continue reading And Now Something Non-Policital—Austen and Zombies 

What are You Reading?

Between big books like War and Peace or maybe Moby Dick I confess I have a taste for books even Oprah wouldn't pick If someone dares to ask what I'm reading on my kindle Um..."Truth Before Everything" - Wonder why I'm single? I'm stuck on Austen - an ailment no other book can cure  But … Continue reading What are You Reading?

Three Tall Women

"That's the happiest moment. When it's all done. When we stop. When we can stop."  ~ Three Tall Women, Edward Albee, March 12, 1928 - September 16, 2016,  My synopsis: Restlessness remorse reflections  Three Tall Women (on a stage) The young one has love and hope Regrets cloud the one middle aged The old woman … Continue reading Three Tall Women