Surrealistic Poety

"An elegant woman is a woman who despises you and has no hair under her arms."Salvador Dalí I strive to pass as European Though never willing to fully commit Like a sublime calm day on the Aegean I might pass- but the tell is my armpits Salvatore Dalí- a well rounded weirdo His surrealistic art … Continue reading Surrealistic Poety

A Gift to Share

There was a girl named Melody Who couldn't hold a tune Lessons practice trying hard Loud belt or quiet croon Her mother father sister sang Quite beautifully it seemed As if she wasn't meant to be In this family so esteemed One day her family harmonized Miss Melody deferred She sat and doodled on a … Continue reading A Gift to Share

Ode to Bob Villa

To be Bob Villa would be so divine The state of my house would not be in decline First the rail on my stair A wood splitting repair By the master of a table saw with a post of pine   A tool pouch slung low on my hip  A cordless hammer drill in my … Continue reading Ode to Bob Villa