Erik Prince Extradited

Do you recall who Erik Prince is? 
How about Betsy DeVos, do you remember her? No.
Okay, never mind.

If you answered yes to either of those questions or would like a quick reminder, this short post may be of interest.

Billionaire Eric Prince, the former Navy SEAL, who founded Blackwater, a mercenary army of sorts, faces indictment in Austria for Trafficking Arms to Libya in violation of the UN Arms Embargo.

I can’t even with these two.

What does Betsy DeVos have to do with this? She is the sister of Eric Prince, an associate of Donald Trump’s. If we have learned anything about future inmate 45, it is that he loves to exchange favors, and he prefers to keep things in the family. Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, was appointed to a cabinet position. She will go down in history as the least qualified and most cruel Secretary of Education the U.S. has had. While at her post, she funneled kidnapped children through her Christian adoption agency. She sold migrant children who had been abducted from their parents at the border, under a veil of Christian goodwill.

If there was an award for the most destructive cabinet member appointed by Trump, during that four-year nightmare, DeVos would edge out Post Master General, Louis DeJoy, and he set the bar (Bill Barr?) pretty high.

Side note: DeJoy is still Postmaster General. Why hasn’t Biden removed him? He can’t. DeJoy must be voted out by USPS board members, and that hasn’t happened.

Migrant Children Were Being Given To An Adoption Agency Linked To Betsy DeVos | The Intellectualist: Current Events, Culture and Science

2 thoughts on “Erik Prince Extradited

  1. You so have to wonder about Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ claim. Everyone he has ever been associated with needed to be drained. DeVos…what a trainwreck she was.

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    1. Trump is the swamp. The GOP is the swamp. ‘Every accusation is a confession.’

      Trump has gotten louder now that he think’s he’s running again. (I don’t think so.) More people have taken off their blinders and I hope the 18-25 crowd votes.

      Ik- Gerrymandering will make the House a challenge.

      We need to clean up the government.

      I am not expecting anything, but most of these crimes risk global security. The EU, UN, and all the free world’s acronyms are investigating.
      *see Erik Prince above

      I hope DeVos is held accountable someday.

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