Corruption Reigns Supreme in the Court

I know I’ve covered this topic, but there is so much more. All six conservative Supreme Court justices have committed ethical violations. Two-thirds of the Supreme Court of the United States has either been paid off, bribed, or is protecting their ill-gotten assets.

I’ve covered this topic before. I see Clarence Thomas and I hear 🎶 Les Misérables…

Do you hear the people scream,
screaming the song of angry dems;
it’s the fury of the people who will be ignored again…

So much more corruption was uncovered last week. We learned the truth about Chief Justice, John Roberts, who refused Senator Dick Durbin’s request to testify under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about the ethical lapses of Justice Clarence Thomas.

What is Roberts’ justification (pun intended) for refusing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee? He claims that doing so would go against the separation of powers in the branches of government, and he emphasized the importance of preserving judicial independence.

Well, the theory may have some veracity, but that is not his reason for refusing to testify. Chief Justice Roberts would rather not be sworn in by the Senate and questioned on the record because he has secrets of his own. He’d like to blend into the background, back into shrubbery, play possum. He prefers his presence to be on the down low.

Who doesn’t remember his infuriatingly meek presence, his silence, when presiding over (one of) Trump’s impeachment proceedings? If ever there was a Chief Justice who could be cast as the corpse from ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’, it is John Roberts.

Why so shy? Because smart white-collar criminals try not to draw attention to themselves. Am I implying the Supreme Court Chief Justice is corrupt? Yes, I am. A whistleblower has come forward to enlighten us. Chief Justice John Roberts’ has been bribed, via his wife, Jane Roberts, in the sum of $10.3 million, ‘commission’ from elite law firms that benefited by Roberts’ rulings in their favor. John Robert’s wife has accepted payoffs on his behalf.

I will not rehash the rushed confirmation hearings of Mitch McConnell’s unqualified and corrupt justices. Lying under oath to Congress is akin to lying during a job interview. These are grounds for termination in the real world.

Who else has breached ethics? Neil Gorsuch, the person who was given the SCOTUS seat that should have been Merrick Garland’s, is now in the news because it appears he, too, has been bribed. He sold property to the CEO of a law firm that has argued cases before the Court.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats called a meeting on Monday to discuss strengthening requirements to disclose financial payments made to justices. There are rules, but they were not specific enough for Clarence Thomas. The committee would like the power to enforce violations regarding conflicts of interests. They cannot be trusted to recuse themselves. Allowing them to police themselves is not working.

This is a problem without a solution. We can “demand resignation,” again, and then watch Clarence Thomas double over in laughter. At most, he will suffer a side cramp from a hearty chortle while musing over how stupid our system of government is.

We can make the six corrupt Justices irrelevant by expanding the court by four, which has precedence. Does the Senate have the votes to expand the court? Hell no. Are there enough votes to impeach Clarence Thomas? Again, Hell no. Do any Republicans in the Senate plan to vote for country over party? Umm, no.

To Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has been out sick this entire session, it is self-indulgent to hold on to a job you cannot do. Your vacant seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is preventing President Biden from appointing new Judges. Senator McConnell, the architect of this Supreme Court, will not allow to be filled by a temporary substitute. You are 89! RETIRE!

In a democracy, the majority rules. What we have is a Democratic Party that most Americans votes for. They, like the Republican minority, face an inordinate number of obstacles. The difference is that while Democrats try to run and jump over each hurdle, the Republican Party side steps them.

To review, both Roberts and Thomas have wives who commuted crimes, and both accepted enormous sums of money from sources whose court hearings they would preside over and rule in favor of.

Accepting bribes, (Gorsuch & Thomas), lying to be confirmed, (Kavanaugh, Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch) would be grounds for dismissal, as in the real world. Lying on your resume or during an interview is cause for termination. Not in government because we never have a majority willing to act.

SCOTUS Clarence Thomas has had 30 years of job security without accountability. His wife was an organizer in the 1/6 attempt to overthrow the government. Thomas is not worried that he’s been outed for accepting bribes from a GOP mega-donor. In his mind, he is not only above the law; he is the law.

Thomas fails to recuse himself from 1/6 cases, despite his wife’s involvement in the planning of the attack on the Capitol. He also fails to recuse himself from cases involving his “friend” Harlan Crow. His rationale is that it was fine to accept millions of dollars of perks and gifts from the billionaire, as long as he didn’t have “business before the court.” Subsequent court cases ruled in his favor. Semantics. Crow also donated half a million dollars to Liberty Central — a conservative activist group founded by Ginni Thomas – wife of Clarence Thomas. If Clarence Thomas believed it was fine to take the gifts, why didn’t he disclose them?Thomas and Crow have maintained their arrangement for over two decades.

This is an example of what Thomas’s benefactor has argued: “We know the solution to rising rents: build more housing without unnecessary and costly government regulations and fees. Let the market work and we will have affordable housing.” One example of “unnecessary and costly government regulations,” Crow asked the court to disregard is the clean water act.

Recap: Chief Justice Roberts’ wife collected in $10.3 million from law firms with cases before SCOTUS. Justice Gorsuch sold his $1.8 million property to a lawyer with cases before SCOTUS. Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted millions in bribes for over twenty years, from Harlan Crow, with cases before SCOTUS.

Crow has also stuffed the pockets of Senate Republicans, including Senators Chuck Grassley, Marsha Blackburn, John Cornyn, Mitt Romney, and Ted Cruz.

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2 thoughts on “Corruption Reigns Supreme in the Court

  1. John Roberts was such a disappointment. He was truly my last hope for a shred of decency with the Supremes.
    Dianne Feinstein…can someone explain to her that she needs to go?
    In other news, Matt Gaetz had another drink thrown at him here in sunny Florida. When does he finally get the message that we want him out of office?

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