Social Security Lies Told by The GOP

U.S. House Representative, Rick Allen of Georgia, is telling the media that the full retirement age should be raised, to 70, because “people tell me they want to keep working.”

Rick, you can message me, and I’ll be happy to explain this to you. I imagine you know of what you speak, but are intentionally confusing and misleading people. That is the very definition of propaganda. Why is the press not calling you out? Maybe they’re too young or too healthy to have looked into the ins and outs of Social Security.

I’ve said this before, and I’m sorry if you’re bored, but it bears repeating. Social Security is our money, taken out of every paycheck we’ve earned, held in a federal government trust, collecting interest daily, in guaranteed securities. It is in no way connected to the federal deficit.

Pay attention now:

You don’t have to retire to collect; you can collect full social security while working once you’ve reached “full retirement age.” In other words, we can double-dip by collecting those benefits while working until we drop dead. There is no need to change the retirement age to 70, “to help those who want to keep working,” and Rick Allen knows it.

And, Mr. Allen’s knows Congress has already changed the rules by raising “full retirement age” from 65 to 67. Those born on or after 1960 will surrender 24 months of Social Security income. That is thousands of dollars over the two-year period, adding 36 months to the 24 months of lost income, for a grand total of 60 months of payments. Think about the money you’d lose. It is theft on a large scale.

I want those two years back, and when democrats regain control of congress and the Supreme Court, rescinding the change should be a priority.

Members of congress have become rich taking payoffs from lobbyists to vote in a way that benefits corporations, banks, and billionaires. Politicians, stuff their pockets instead of voting on behalf of the people whom they represent.

It is our prerogative to collect and work or collect and retire, and it is Rick Allen’s prerogative to opt out of collecting Social Security, and shut up about it. It is our money. It’s not a handout. These lawmakers take advantage of the fact that so few of us understand what those monthly withdrawals entitle us to.

The reason they’re attempting to mislead us again is that the GOP goal is to privatize Social Security. The funds are not on the brink of disaster.

And one more thing, the U.S. deficit spike is a result of Trump’s tax cut for corporations and the filthy rich. › pubsPDF

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Republican seeking to raise Social Security age claims ‘people want to work longer’

8 thoughts on “Social Security Lies Told by The GOP

  1. Your information is 100% accurate. Rick Allen should tell his friends that they can continue working until 70 and collect their benefits, or defer receiving their benefits until aged 70. (instead of proposing a change to the system through legislation.) He obviously has no friends that struggle to keep a job in their senior years.

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  2. Well-stated, concise and to the point. Why is it that rural folks who struggle financially — of all ages — continue to vote for these greedy Maga clowns who are laughing at them all the way to the bank? And, what has Senator Joe Manchin actually done for his poorest West Virginia constituents? He seems to only care about preserving his family’s corporate coal empire.

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    1. Thank you. I agree 100% Manchin works for the wealthiest people in the country, but the poor keep electing him.

      There’s an old saying that doesn’t apply at all to this century. (I’m laughing at myself.) It’s from some book I read years ago, and like an annoying song that keeps playing in your head, this pops up in mine every time I wish I could change something:
      “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
      If I say it out loud, people think I’ve lost my mind. Maybe I have.
      I do wish things were different.

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