Social Security Lies Told by The GOP

U.S. House Representative, Rick Allen of Georgia, is telling the media that the full retirement age should be raised, to 70, because “people tell me they want to keep working.” Rick, you can message me, and I’ll be happy to explain this to you. I imagine you know of what you speak, but are intentionally … Continue reading Social Security Lies Told by The GOP

What’s Left on the Spending Bill?

Our elected officials believe they have carved out a bill that everyone in Congress can agree on. This bill is the product of Sinchin (Sinema and Manchin, ) Scissorhands. Neither of the two will raise taxes on corporate America or the wealthiest 1% of the population, even though the 25 richest Americans paid little to … Continue reading What’s Left on the Spending Bill?

One-Sided Budget Negotiation’s

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post. As has become or invariably has been the pattern, Democrats give in to the minority Republicans. Scratched from President Biden’s budget package is a tuition-free community college. Instead, they are considering offering scholarships.Negotiations have resulted in reducing the child tax credit to a 1-year extension. Home health care … Continue reading One-Sided Budget Negotiation’s

Senator Joe Manchin’s Evincible Greed

Coal stock has yielded a substantial profit with a surge that is expected to increase its value by 22% before the end of the year. Does this matter to anyone more than Senator Joe Manchin? Perhaps now, his financial advisors will tell him, is the time to sell his stock in coal. It would resolve … Continue reading Senator Joe Manchin’s Evincible Greed

Senate Fails to Pass Budget

The Senate vote resulted in a 48-50 vote, rejection of the government funding measure. Republicans say they don’t want to raise the debt ceiling. They have no shame for their hypocrisy. The failure of the budget passing will result in a government shut down on Thursday at 11:59 pm. If Senate Majority Leader Schumer abolishes … Continue reading Senate Fails to Pass Budget

McConnell Sabotages Economy

While the media focuses on President Biden’s performance, criticizing perceived offenses that are more reactionary than by preference, cleaning up a mess that was left for him, Congress faces a potential government shutdown, a crisis Mitch McConnell is creating. The GOP is trying to destroy the economy. Why? To make President Biden look bad. … Continue reading McConnell Sabotages Economy