Who Won the House and Senate?

Sorry if you clicked on my post because the title implied that I know, but if you’ll notice the punctuation, you’ll see it’s a question. I don’t know. This is a non-ad blog, aka clicks are not monetarily rewarded. I am a volunteer; only my ego is fed by numbers. Regardless, I do have some information to share.

It’s impossible to keep your sanity and still try to follow the counts in this congressional election. Every news station is showing imaginary scenarios. The House numbers give the GOP “projected” 222, a + or–of 7. That is as presumptuous as it is confusing. At first, glance looks like it’s the final count and GOP has won. To win the House, a party needs 218. If you subtract the margin of error -7 from 222, you have 215, not enough to win. They know nothing (John Snow,) but they want you to watch and listen because that’s their job.

The economist offers a good honest update, but I suffer an intrinsic need to know exact vote counts and the percentage of ballots not yet counted. For that information I turned to The Associated Press. Let’s get to it.

The Senate

It’s deadlocked at 48. That means, [reviews fingers] there are four uncalled elections.

Guess which Trump endorsed.

The four mystery states are:

Mystery states should not to be confused with the 1965 board game “Mystery Date.”

Alaska is in a showdown between two Republicans running against each other. (WHAT?!) Republican Lisa Murkowski, who has voted with Democrats occasionally, (a no vote for Brett Kavanaugh,) will probably lose to a more extremist MAGA candidate, and I don’t care enough to recall her name, but she sports the long bleached blond, GOP stamp of ownership, hair. Uncalled as the race may be, it isn’t on the list of races to watch because the winner is a Republican, either way.

Georgia had a Democratic win but it doesn’t count. The vote was close enough to trigger a run off election, which will remove the libertarian party interference. Senator Warnock (who won,) will run off against Herschel Walker, the Republican who has defied every one of his party’s moral pretensions. I won’t list them (because I’m busy.) I will say that perhaps Walker could have clinched the deal had all of his spawn voted for him. But they hate him, so… The run-off on December 6.

This is via The Associated Press, with 63% of votes counted.

We’re left with Arizona, which looks like a Democratic win.

79% Reporting.

Nevada is the possible game changer. Republicans are claiming a win here; however, the votes not yet counted include a democratic area endorsed by a Chef’s Union. It could go either way.

That’s the Senate race in a nutshell. We don’t know who won.

On to The House of Representatives.

Despite what you’ve seen everywhere, this is the current number in the House. The unaccounted for districts are too close to call.

For example, Colorado District 3, Lauren Boebert vs. Adam Frisch- 64 votes separate them, with 1% of the ballots not counted. Let that be a lesson for everyone who thinks their vote doesn’t matter. Although Democrats are celebrating, I hate to say, this one is over.


Now that you have this information you can turn off the television and get some fresh air. It will be a while.

I seriously have some place to be in 20 minutes. No time to proofread; check back later if you would like to read a post with better punctuation. I’ll fix it. 🧐

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