Malarkey-Free Zone

President Biden is on fire! He’s doing what we need to get out of the grasp of the MAGA cult, outing the conservatives who committed large-scale fraud.

They took money that was intended to keep people employed during the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The Payroll Protection Program was a grift devised by the former United States Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, and twice impeached, one term POTUS, Donald Trump. The money was disbursed over several weeks beginning April 3, 2020. Government has forgiven nearly $400 billion in Covid-relief PPP loans, according to federal watchdogs.


Here we see the White House dispelling bullshit of M3Toes.


White House response to FOX news giving hypocrites, like Rep Vern Buchanan, a platform.


White House continues burning down the MAGA house.


And so on…


And so on…




But wait, there’s more…

A few more, but still not all: Joel Osteen, televangelist pastor, collected $4.4 million in PPP loans. Osteen is most egregious because his church (like the rest,) pays $0 taxes. Would the following recipients surprise you? Jared Kushner, Devin Nunes, Kanye West, Tom Brady and the wife of Moscow Mitch, (then transportation secretary) Elaine Chao received $334,000.


Look who else chimed in, it’s Trump’s universally reviled, fecklessly unqualified former Secretary of Education.


President Biden, speaking yesterday, while campaigning for midterms in Maryland.👇🏼🔥👇🏼🔥👇🏼🔥👇🏼

2 thoughts on “Malarkey-Free Zone

  1. No malarkey is right! I was so glad the White House did this. The lies the GOP wants you to believe is staggering. Just like all the debt they all had forgiven.

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