Mike Pence is No Hero

GOP plan: vote no to every bill that might offer relief, end shortages, and lower the costs of anything, then blame President Biden.

Look who is back to politics as usual.

Today, Mike Pence, who believes he might become the next President of the United States, jumped on the GOP bandwagon, calling out Joe Biden for gas prices.

I have a problem with former Vice President Mike Pence. He has remained quiet since the 1/6 insurrection, refusing to acknowledge the danger our democracy was in, the threat to members of congress, as well as his own fears.

The bipartisan commission began its televised hearings on Thursday evening. Every station, except of course Fox, broadcast it live.

Fox, like dozens of Republicans, still working in Congress, is a subject of the investigation. They played highlights and called it propaganda. Fox held their audience captive by not breaking for commercials, so viewers could see what was on other networks.

Meanwhile, the GOP has pulled out their bag of tricks to distract Americans from the 1/6 televised hearings, which will continue at least into the next two weeks.

Republican’s narrative now is to blame President Biden for inflation, for gas prices, baby food formula shortages, gun violence, insulin prices, unfair elections (caused by disenfranchising the poor, gerrymandering districts which will cause the minority controlling the House of Representatives.)

As for the price of gas, Forbes determined The Obama Administration’s 2015 Comprehensive Energy Bill brought us to Energy Independence. Despite Trump’s sabotage, U.S. gas prices are lower than prices in most of the world.

As of May 30 in USD per gallon:

  • Brazil $5.78
  • Canada $6.49
  • China $5.50
  • Denmark $10.02
  • Finland $9.64
  • France $8.06
  • Germany $8.80
  • Greece $9.29
  • Hong Kong $11.21
  • India $5.09
  • Ireland $7.91
  • Israel $8.24
  • Italy $7.78
  • Turkey $5.80
  • United Kingdom $8.17
  • United States $4.79 <<<<<———


Reuters noted, “The Active U.S. Oil Rig count has more than doubled.” Republicans must direct their questions to their biggest donors and policymakers who, despite all that restored capacity, have refused to increase production, for profits.Reuters noted, “The Active U.S. Oil Rig count has more than doubled.” Republicans must direct their questions to their biggest donors and policymakers who, despite all that restored capacity, have refused to increase production for profits. Instead, U.S. oil and gas rig calculation fell for the first time in 31 weeks.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy said the quiet part out loud.


Now back to my tirade:

On Thursday night, the 1/6 commission confirmed that Mike Pence was the one who directed the military to stop the attack against congress. House Select Panel member Liz Cheney explained, Mike Pence saved the day. The implication is fair, that at the point when responsibility fell to Pence, Trump had been AWOL for several hours. Trump refused to do his job, so Pence had no choice. In his video deposition, General Milley told the committee of his conversation with then White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. He said Meadows was not concerned with stopping the attack, but he wanted to ensure that the public believed Trump was the decision maker who called the National Guard, so they would not perceive Pence as such.

Cheney implied Pence is a hero. If he is, it is not by choice. While insurrectionists outside the Capitol Building constructed a gallows and chanted “hang Mike Pence,” he stood nearby in an outdoor car park, refusing to get in a vehicle with Secret Service. That was perhaps the first time he used his real voice in four years. “I’m not getting in that car!” Why did Mike Pence refuse to get in that car? Was he afraid the secret service would assassinante him?


Until 1/6, Pence has only ever acted as Trump ordered him to act. He wanted nothing more than to comply with Trump’s mandate to toss the electoral tallies, but could not find a legal avenue to do so. He sought advice, (more than once,) from another former, ridiculous, Vice President, Dan Quayle. The bottom line is that Quayle told Pence he had no choice but to certify the electoral votes.


When the dust settled, they buried the dead, the Capitol police sought help for their PTSD and physical wounds, Mike Pence declined to acknowledge his fear of Donald Trump and his mob. He still refuses to utter a negative word against Trump. He is posturing for a presidential run.

Let’s not forget that Mike Pence was chosen to be Trump’s Vice President by pardoned traitor Paul Manafort. When is the last time Pence put country over party, and personal political aspirations? He never has.

Pence reminds me of the closing scene from Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” when Norman Bates sits in a holding cell as a fly taunts him. He consciously refuses to acknowledge it. Pence, who calls his wife, mother, is no hero.

Mike Pence is no hero.

5 thoughts on “Mike Pence is No Hero

  1. Thank you Lydia………yet again… you have “nailed it”!
    The January 6 2021 Fox folks text messages alone are worth the price of admission.
    “Who are you going to believe? Me? Or your lyin eyes?”

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  2. I was convinced the moment I heard about it that Mike Pence believed he would be assassinated if he got in that car. It was not patriotic bravery. His best, and likely only, chance was to be with the liberals at that point. His “right” friends wanted him dead. The party of death just keeps doing what it does. I would really like to see liberals and media stop letting the G(ood) O(le) P(ervert) party set the vocabulary. These people are not “conservative” they are a combination of reactionary anarchists and fascists who want to overthrow the government and burn the constitution. I think that we need to start using real descriptors. One I like to use is obtuse magahats (pronounced ‘maggots’). An obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees, it is a much better descriptor than “far right”. I got the phrase “party of death” from a Christopher Titus YouTube.

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    1. Network news drives me crazy. Their fear of appearing biased is validating a criminal enterprise. This is no longer democrats vs republicans; this is democracy vs misguided anarchy.
      I just hope people vote in November. The balance of congress will determine our fate. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. Women’s rights, gun laws, social security, will be their first targets. Republicans are holding onto what’s left of their base with guns and zygotes. I don’t understand them.


      1. That’s why I think it’s important to choose words that don’t validate. “Party of death” catching on would be a big help. Also starting to always say “Biden may not be exciting but he’s done a great job, imagine how much better off we’d all be if there had been a real democratic majority on the senate?” I’m sick of the Biden bashing. The GOP is making that the in things and CNN et al are docilely following along like good sheep. They’re deliberately making inflation worse to get their stooges elected.

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