Mark Meadows’ Muck

The January 6 Select Committee has released a 51-page document containing damning information regarding Mark Meadows. Mr. Meadows had surrendered over nine thousand pages of documents to the commission before deciding (being threatened?) not to comply with further requests for details or to testify under oath. Meadows published a book last week which contains some of the intelligence he is withholding. He claims the null excuse of “executive privilege.” As such, the panel has voted to hold him in contempt, and they have referred Meadows to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution for defying a subpoena. But those are not the worst of Meadows’ problems.

First, I need to clarify who the duck Mark Meadows is. I admit I confuse him with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the man who withholds condemnation of his flock, despite his responsibility as their shepherd to censure them for threatening violence against their Democratic colleagues.

This is *BREAKING NEWS, and remember you read it here first: After exhaustive research, I can tell you with certainty that Mark Meadows and Kevin McCarthy are, in fact, two different people. The last bit of evidence I obtained before coming to this, my final conclusion in the matter, is unaltered photographic evidence of them together in the same place at the same time, putting to rest any Bruce Wayne/Batman theories.

Mark Meadows had been a member of Congress, serving North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District until 2020. While in office, he was an ultra-conservative representative of the Tea Party, and he directed, and was a founder of the “Freedom Caucus,” the farthest right-wing bloc of the Republican faction from 2017 to 2019. He argued to abolish Obamacare without an aim or intention to replace it. His attack on defunding affordable healthcare made him a driving force in the government shutdown of 2013.

Meadows or McCarthy? See what I mean?

Like other ultra-conservatives, Meadows’ stance toward women was dismissive. His then chief of staff, Kenny West, was accused of sexual harassment by several women whom he held power over, and in November 2018, the House Ethics Committee fined Meadows over $40,000 after concluding he “did not do enough to address” sexual allegations against West.

Meadows did not seek re-election in 2020. Instead, from March 2020, through January 2021, he accepted an appointment and become of the 29th White House Chief of Staff under TFG (Trump.) I recall, when he stepped into that role, wondering why he would attend a party, the cops were about to break up. But Meadows does not have the self-preservation impulse of a rat who jumps off a sinking ship. He instead swam like a salmon against the current into the 1/6 commission’s net. (I prefer idioms to idiots.)

Anyway, as Chief of Staff, Meadows dove into the shallow end head first, spreading COVID-19 misinformation, arguing against the efficacy of masks and vaccines. He concealed his COVID-19 infection, as well as the illnesses of others. He was a mouthpiece for Trump’s rhetoric, admonishing members of the medical and science communities who veered off message with facts.

After Trump’s election defeat, Meadows redirected his energies to overturning the results. Now he’s in trouuuble. Meadows introduced Trump to Jeff Clark, who wrote to states attempting to coerce them to send fraudulent electors to Congress on January 6, so Pence could claim they were invalid, and award those votes to Trump instead.

Let’s go back to that 51-page report starring Mark Meadows. On January 6, Meadows, whose phone records are now in the hands of the bi-partisan commission (because he turned them over,) received countless frantic text messages from many members of Congress. Even Fox “News” hosts Ingraham, Kilmeade and Hannity texted Meadows begging him to urge Trump to stop the attack. Laura Ingraham said, “this will hurt us all.” That evening on Fox, she declared the attackers were all Antifa. More shocking yet, (because he’s an idiot,) is the revelation that Don Jr texted Meadows asking him to appeal to his father to call off the dogs, or at least appear to have tried his best.

“As the violence continued, one of the President’s sons texts Mr. Meadows, ‘He’s got to condemn this ASAP. The capitol police tweet is not enough,’ Donald Trump Jr. texted. Meadows responded, ‘I am pushing it hard. I agree.‘”

Hunter Biden’s laptop Mark Meadows turned over a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference & Options for 6 Jan,” which includes recommendations on all the avenues Trump could take on his road to disenfranchising over 80 million voters, ignoring the outcome of the 2020 election results and declare himself the winner of a second term. Overthrowing the government is… [checks notes]…. Illegal.

He was in contact with Kash Patel and Chris Miller, who was the Acting United States Secretary of Defense and Kash Patel, Miller’s chief of staff, throughout the day. Meadows has knowledge of Trump’s 1/6 communications with Miller and Patel regarding National Guard deployment.

Hillary Clinton’s emails Mark Meadows sent an email advising all concerned that National Guard troops would “protect pro-Trump people.” That is in the same vein as the January 4 memo Chris Miller wrote declaring there would be no military response on January 6.

The report on Meadows, (link below,) is all the January 6 Commission needs to support a referral of Mark Meadows to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.



McCarthy or Meadows?

In closing, Kevin McCarthy is still not Mark Meadows, however, McCarthy too wades knee-deep in the muck of his own creation, and his day will come. For today, Meadows, a floundering fish out of water, is on the hook.

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    Your keen observations of the political realities of our nation and your immaculate prose are making for a very merry merry Christmas. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you!


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