The Flood Gaetz Have Opened

“Nestor Galban was 12 and had just arrived from Cuba, where he’d grown up and where his mother had recently died of breast cancer.” ~child sex trafficking member of Congress, Matt Gaetz

The following post is just a theory, not proven.

I may be the last one to have decoded the mystery of Nestor. By “decoded” I mean I read someone else theory. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, I can’t take any credit other than I saw this before you did. It is admittedly conjecture, but it makes sense.

When Gaetz posted a picture of himself with his “adopted” adult son, the wind whispered—cabana-boy. (Hendricks song?)

2008 Driving Under the influence

Before Nestor, there was an old story floating around the internet, not published by a credible news source, about a dead college roommate and auto-erotic-asphyxiation. You can google it. There is no corroboration, and no police record of this story exists. Here is a big butt— the same can be said of his drunk driving offenses. For the most part, these incidents either vanished or were never recorded.

Gaetz’s well-connected father, a Florida State Senator has been bailing his son out forever, but he is the Titanic of deviant frat boys, and while most of his drunk driving has been swept under the rug, some things can’t be swept under without leaving a big lump. There is a Nestor Gabon size lump under that rug.

Forgive me, but this is a two analogy story– bailing a boat and sweeping under a rug.

So, call me kooky, but I assumed Gaetz was a drunk who liked young men and was into some form of sadomasochism. The Nestor story confirmed that for me.

Then came the Joel Greenberg story. He will plead guilty on Monday to 6 of the thirty-some crimes he has been accused of if he spills the black beans and rice on his friend Matt Gaetz.

*Spoiler: he will.

Gaetz pays for sex with young women and has often added the stipulation that if they want to be paid they have to partake of the cocaine or ecstasy- depending on his mood I guess.

So wtflip is up with Nestor?

Am I the last to learn that Nestor’s sister/mom, May, is alive and well and living in a Florida property listed under the name Gaetz? This woman was a child of 15, living in Florida when Nestor was born and shipped off to Cuba to be raised by parents/grandparents. Matty was 19. The thing about this type of innuendo, gossip, sprinkled with facts, is that until Jerry Springer steps in it must be taken for what it is, unproven.

It may be a crime.

I’ll spell it out. Legend has it that a 19-year-old Matt impregnated the 15-year-old Maisbel (May,). Their child, Nestor, was sent to Cuba to be raised by grandparents, and returned to Florida at the age of 12 when May was age 27. Meanwhile, Gaetz recently volunteered a story that May is his “adopted son’s” “older sister.” Sure Jan. 😏

Nestor was at the prime of his life, an old man when Agamemnon, Odysseus, and Achilles…— sorry, I slipped into the Illiad.

Nestor Gabon’s current age is in the range of 19-20 years old, Gaetz is 39, and May is now (let’s do the math together,) 35. She aged out of Gaetz’s orbit long ago, but lives large in Walton Beach Florida in a house Gaetz owns and can be seen standing next to a red BMW with a giant ribbon on top. Her benefactors are Matt’s rich parents, and in exchange for their support, she continues her life in silence.

And too cute- she has a mugshot like Matt’s

Gaetz is an idiot, and I’ll tell you why. Okay, for a lot of reasons. But I am referring to his closet, chock-full of skeletons, which would compel any other deviant to, I don’t know, maybe shut up. Instead, he let the Nestor skeleton out for air before he realized he’s not invincible. This is a pattern for many of Trump’s sycophants, like Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani. Their narcissism needs to be fed by attention. In seeking that attention they expose their jugulars.

Gaetz is going to have a bad week, and I have popcorn and junior mints on standby.

4 thoughts on “The Flood Gaetz Have Opened

  1. The brother of another mother of Brett Cavanaugh, only this one seems to have run out of luck. (Hopefully, we’ll pop a hole in Brett’s Fortune Balloon soon also.) Just that stupid-looking face alone ought to get the folks’ blood at the Sunshine State Prison & Sex Shack flowing with anticipation! The inmates are just going to “love” him!

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