Stay Right Where You Are, Guvnah

It is disappointing that New York Guvnah Cuomo may be guilty of creepy behavior. It is scandalous to imagine a single man asking someone if he can kiss them at a wedding reception. There should be an investigation, using lots of taxpayer funds to determine the veracity of the allegations.

My only wish is that we put these relatively tame accusations in line…

☝️🏼behind those far more insidious violent crimes allegedly committed by accused SCOTUS Kavanaugh who lied during his confirmation hearings…

behind sexual assault enabling, former Ohio State University coach and a current congressional representative from the highly 👆🏼gerrymandered 4th district, Gym Jordan…👇🏼

behind the dozens of attacks including the alleged rape of a 13-year-old, by that former guy, who was caught on tape admitting to sexual assault. 👇🏼

Why are Republicans allowed to remain in office, or even confirmed into the Supreme Court after being credibly accused, but Democrats are told to resign before an investigation takes place, even by other Democrats? (I’m talking to you, Senator Gillibrand.)

Remember Al Franken who was set up by Roger Stone? I do, and I’m still angry that we lost one of our best Senators because he was set up.

We are about to see Merrick Garland confirmed as United States Attorney General. He is not being appointed to protect Don the con— who is about to be indicted on RICO charges by the state of New York. The timing of this Cuomo scandal is uncanny. It would be a dream come true for that former guy if Cuomo was replaced by someone who would pardon him.

I wish the media would stop playing into the hands of that former guy and his clown party.

Can we keep our eyes on the ball, people, or the ones New York Attorney General Letitia James has the former guy by?

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