Do We Need More Reasons to Impeach?

Today is Friday; what better day is there to review 45’s week of impeachable offenses? Waiting until tomorrow might be prudent because there is no telling how he’ll offend today, but my goal is brevity.

Add the following to the countless pre-existing impeachable crimes already noted, ranging from obstruction of justice to abuse of power:

  • 1. While at the G7 summit, DT did not represent the US so much as Putin, taking another opportunity to demand the other leaders readmit him to the summit. Putin was uninvited after his annexation of Crimea. DT’s suggestion was met the sound of crickets, so he changed direction and clumsily focused on championing his “magnificent resorts” as a location for the next summit. It was a week-long infomercial, in violation of the Emoluments Clause, an impeachable offense.
  • “Then I have an Article 2, where I am allowed to do whatever I want as President.” ~DT

    2. On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that DT ordered subordinates to seize private land from homeowners, and ignore environmental stipulations, rather than wait for courts to grant Eminent domain to build his wall. Ordering people to break the law is illegal.

     “Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you.” ~DT

    These promised pardons to those who commit crimes at his behest constitute an impeachable offense.

    3) And finally, the news is that Attorney General, Bill M(ob) Barr, paid DT $30,000 to host a holiday party at the T-DC Hotel. Barr says he consulted career ethics officials, and they determined that rules did not prohibit him from hosting his annual party at the T-Hotel. The exchange of money between the AG and a squatting POTUS blurs the line of independence required, and again, DT is profiting from the office, creating a conflict of interests. This may not be impeachable, but it is unethical.

    Barr booked the party with full knowledge that DT is currently facing a lawsuit in Washington federal court filed by Democratic members of Congress.

    This administration violates our laws and constitution regularly without consequences. I don’t get it.

    Congress reconvenes after it’s summer after Labor Day. Perhaps we will see something come of the “formal impeachment proceedings” that House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler announced were underway before their recess began.

    Trump offers a pardon to officials who break laws to build his wall. We’ve seen this before. – The Washington Post

    Trump’s push to hold the G7 at a resort he still owns and profits from, explained

    Donald Trump’s DC hotel will make tens-of-thousands of dollars from attorney general William Barr’s Christmas party booking

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