Scrotus 45- The Upside— a poem

The brevity seen in my posts these days

Has nothing to do with ”the soul of wit,”

But rather shows my soul’s whittled away,

By news related to POTUS dipshit


Such as, claims that results of a new quiz:

Show support “dropped to forty one percent—

Among women!” How are these numbers his?

Here, hold my Prosecco so I can vent.


Really ladies? Let’s say I invite ten

Female friends to lunch— cause that’s what we do

By this poll I’d have to exclude/unfriend—

Four; well, now we’ll fit in that corner booth.


There’s always an upside, yes it’s a pun

Someone with time, focused on politics,

Created a witty portrait, (wanton?),

Of scrotus from 500 pics of dicks

Picture of Donald Trump made out of 500 dick pics by Tumblr user homopower

Trump approval rating dips among women

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