Impeach Bill Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr is IQ45’s new fixer. By continuing to holding that position, he retains unlimited power to obstruct justice on Deficit Don’s behalf and has done so on several occasions.

Obstruction of justice is a felony. Perjury is also a felony. Barr committed perjury before Congress on April 9th and 10th. He delayed the release of Mueller’s report for three weeks after publishing his own four-page summary that, according to the author of the 448-page report, “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance”— that was an understatement.

Barr is playing the same card that worked with the Mueller report.

He released a statement regarding pedophile sex trafficker’s death before an investigation had taken place, going against policy, spinning fact to fiction for the public early enough that it can marinate, and forgotten by the time the truth is trickles out.

He feigned outrage when Epstein’s death was announced, and projected shock at learning about “serious irregularities,” surrounding the death. He thinks we don’t know he’s in charge.

This is all too familiar.

Meanwhile, he has access to tapes and photographs and other evidence that could put a dent in the sex trafficking industry. Is he destroying evidence? Did he have Epstein murdered? Did he have him “disappeared?”

The worst thing about this is that Barr might prevent our ability to put a dent in the sex trafficking syndicate.

Bill Barr has ties to Russia, and he has ties to Epstein that should have prevented him from interfering in either the Mueller report or Jeffrey Epstein’s case.

The House Judiciary can practice their impeachment skills with Attorney General Barr before they move on to the big mango. Barr has to go.

If they still need practice before impeaching and indicting the Beast in Chief, they might practice again with Senate Majority Leader McConnell. He stands with disenfranchisement and hackable voting machines, against our right to free and fair elections. McConnell has to go.

Together, Barr and McConnell have intercepted our right to seek justice and end the reign of the most corrupt man ever to call himself president.

Families remain separated; children are in cages, sex traffickers move among the wealthiest Americans, and our ability to vote to end this corruption sold to our Russian adversaries. Shitler has to go.

House Judiciary can warm-up for impeachment by starting with racist Attorney General Barr

Watch: Moment In April 9 Congressional Testimony Where AG Bill Barr Is Said To Have Lied About Mueller Report

4 thoughts on “Impeach Bill Barr

      1. I’ll look for it. But, I agree, this is too convenient for Trump, and Barr was too ready with the press release. I’m tired of watching them blatantly commit crimes while no one does anything about it.

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