Sex Scandals, Related to Trump Make an Ugly Picture

I’ve started 7 or 8 posts in post in the past week, finishing only one. I’m having an existential crisis. What is the point of news we’ve become immune to?

There is a big picture in 3 of the stories I’ve discarded… this ever changing kaleidoscope of ugliness in Donald Trump.

A kaleidoscope is colored glass, stones, sand, mirrors, all in one cylinder,

These stories are children, sex trafficking, violence, powerful men, money, all tethered to the Orange Menace.

They look different with every twist, but they’re all the same.

Because of the daily barrage of alarming news, the following stories failed to hold our attention for an entire day. Our tolerance has become outrageous.

These stories shock us and are forgotten in the blink of an eye:

1. Happy Endings Massages

This is a big story, essentially ignored. We learned a long time ago that every accusation Trump makes is an admission. This is “Pizzagate.”

A Florida massage parlor owner has been selling Chinese execs access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Yang Enterprises – CAVDEF

Cindy Yang (杨莅), a woman who founded a chain of massage spas, “Happy Endings”, that are in fact fronts for prostitution in Florida,

Madam Cindy Yang has many balls in the air, with respect to our current administration. Her chain of “spas” is in actuality a sex ring tied to Trump and Mar-a-Lago. More and more stories are emerging of her varied government activities.

Her was deputy director of the Florida Association for the Peaceful Unification of China in June 2016.

This madame has been selling Chinese business executives access to Donald Trump and his family at Mar-a-Lago.

She was active in an organization overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front and the Florida branch that pushes for Beijing’s interests w/Taiwan. Here she is with a few politicians:

2. Human rights violations continue with Trump’s immigration policy:

After Locking Migrant Children in Cages, DHS Chief Tells Congress, ‘They’re Not Cages’

Trump and Secretary Nielsen are still separating children from their families at the border, and caging them. Many children have permanently gone missing, some thanks to Betsy Devos who passed out infants (for money?) at her “Christian Adoption Agency” as if they were lilies on Easter Sunday… other people’s babies. Others, no one knows how many, have gone missing, they exist somewhere… likely suffering.

DeVos Linked To Christian Adoption Agency Implicated In ‘State Sponsored Kidnapping’

3. Billionaire Pedophile Sex Trafficker, Trump’s Friend

What’s in the Jeffrey Epstein Sex-Scandal Documents? We May Soon Find Out

Pedophile sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, has been protected thus far because his clients are the most powerful men in the world. It looks like he may pay for his abuse and trafficking, of hundreds of girls, after all.

Trump’s Labor Secretary Once Helped a Billionaire Child Rapist Hide His Crimes

The trepidation caused by the constant barrage of monstrous stories is impossible to maintain… we become angry, and we move on. It’s self preservation I suppose, to stop paying attention because it’s causing us anxiety.

Now, put down the tube, or turn it off, and if you can look with both eyes at the above stories. Trump is the common thread. All these children may be part of one horrific story.

4 thoughts on “Sex Scandals, Related to Trump Make an Ugly Picture

      1. That is completely horrifying! That has to be illegal, although I’m sure there’s something loop hole or other. Have we gone back to the 60’s? Until the 1970’s, in Australia the Church used to the Aboriginal children and placed them in foster care. They are called the stolen generation. Beyond terrifying!

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