Suing the Victim for $3 Mil? Swift Countersuing

Taylor Swift is not normally in my radar. I have three children, ages 16-21, and none of them ever attended a concert of hers or idolized her. I will admit to thinking, when she was very young, that she deserved a modicum of respect because she played an instrument and wrote her own music, as opposed many of her peers. None of that however is relevant to the subject of my post today. 

I mention Taylor Swift because today the New York Times published a story covering “The Tailor Swift Groping Trial.” This is a sampling of comments on Twitter: “Who cares.” “She’s looking for attention.” “So someone grabbed her ass, waaaa.” “It should have been handled privately.” This has somehow become an argument about Taylor Swift, celebrity, and “white privilege.” 

If you read the story you will find that there was an attempt to “handle it privately.” Swift reported the incident to her manager who informed security, who informed the person in charge, and the “DJ” was fired. 

What happened? At an event sponsored by Pepsi, in 2013, 23 year old Taylor Swift agreed to a photo with said 51 year old Denver DJ and his girlfriend. As you can see by her body language, his hand placement, and the grin on his face, something was not right. 

Former KYGO morning show host David Mueller, who was known professionally as “Jackson,” filed a lawsuit seeking 3 million dollars because he’s no longer employable in his field. A recording of his phone conversation with his boss directly after the incident was erased, his phone with more evidence “lost” and his story of what happened has since changed. He is now the victim. Swift is countersuing for assault. 

My opinion: this 51 year Denver celebrity DJ did something he should not have done and he lost his job as a result. Sexual harassment is legal grounds for termination. This man took sexual harrassment to another level when he put his hand on her— up her skirt and groped her to be specific— it’s assault. 

His employers had no choice but to fire him because, contrary to what POTUS 45 would have you believe, you can not do what you want to people because you’re a celebrity. Look at the body language in the picture. It’s clear what happenned, and Mueller did that with his girlfriend right there. He has no shame, and no respect for women.

So he wants Taylor Swift to give him $3 million because he was justly punished for his actions. She is countersuing as a result of his lawsuit.

This is about sexual assault, not “celebrity.” Women’s bodies are their own, and women’s rights and protections have taken a hit thanks to Trump and his followers. I applaud Taylor Swift for fighting back.

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