Donald Trump’s “Working” Weekend

Like a college kid who elects to save money by attending a junior college and getting drunk at home, Donald Trump for the first time since inauguration weekend chose to stay in Washington and golf at his Virginia golf resort, rather than head to his golf resort in Florida, (at a cost savings of 3-5 million dollars to tax payers).

That is considerate of Trump. What’s interesting is that he made sure to let Fox News know to spread the word that he was “working at the White House” this weekend.

When my oldest child joined the workforce with a part time job at the age of sixteen, I purchased a used car for her to get there. We live in an area without public transportation, or sidewalks, and we suffer harsh winters. She needed a car if she was going to work. When a teenager acquires access to a car they often confuse the new freedom of it for adulthood.

One day, shortly after my child started her new job, I passed said child driving…in the wrong direction. She had told me she was going to work, but she was not at work when I saw her. She is a good kid, and I found out later she had been sent on an errand by her employer, but that was the birth of one of our still running family jokes. She was “going to work” (always said with air quotation marks). When she would leave the house in the morning for school, I’d ask where she was going and she always said “work”. Her sister would ask if she was home and I’d say “she’s working”. Every time she left the house it was for “work”. Like I said, she is a good kid, but a joke is a joke—we find them where we can, and use them when we can.

Such has become the case for our hilarious POTUS 45. Fox News had the exclusive news story handed to them that Trump was “working”, but he was photographed “working” in his Virginia Golf resort, wearing a golf glove, cleats, and his stupid red hat. 

Okay Donald, don’t “work” too hard, and don’t forget your sunscreen. 

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