Three Reasons to Get Out of Bed Today

I don’t know where you live, but where I am, the weather is dismal. Lightening, thunder and heavy rain make today a perfect day to stay in bed. Oh if only I weren’t so important, I’d happily waste my day in bed with a good book, as I’m sure would you— if you weren’t so important. In my quest for motivation to start my day, I did a little online research and found three reasons to perk up—

And get out of bed: 

1. Today is International Day of Peace. Go forth and be peaceful. In other words: don’t blow up any dumpsters today, and leave your concealed firearms at home. It’s just one day people, you’ll survive— if everyone complies.

2. Grab a megaphone and spread the happy news that in spite of all the Facebook posts, Sylvester Stallone is not now, nor has he ever been dead. 

3. Today is National Farm Safety Day for Kids… Who knew farms still exist in this nation? That surprises me, but I am even more surprised to learn that Farming is excluded from child labor laws. Farming children are exposed to extreme working conditions, harsh weather, pesticides, dangerous tools and machinery, and they can be out in the fields anytime of the day that school is not in session, at any age— but they do have a national safety day, so quit complaining. Yay America is all I can say (sarcastically) to that. 

The 1.8 million child slaves in West Africa who harvest coco beans for Hershey and Nestle don’t get a national day in their honor. This brings up another question: Why are we allowing Hershey and Nestle to use child slaves? Can’t we shut them down directly or indirectly? 

Well, there you have it, three great reasons to get your butts up, hop in the shower, pick something stylish out of your closet to wear, and enjoy this peaceful day without grieving Stallone, and please boycott chocolate.  

September 21, 2016, Daily Prompt~ <a href=””>Stylish</a&gt;

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