I am a cliché . I have become someone who I would have rolled my eyes at not many years ago. The sight of a child on a swing or a mom with a toddler brings me to the brink of humiliating myself—with tears. I hope this is a temporary mental illness, and not an affliction that will need to be addressed by a professional. For now however, every minute I can spend with my daughters before they are off to school, I will take. Today, I decided to drive my older daughter to the dentist. She is legally an adult, and fully capable of driving herself, but my mom time is running out, and everything I do is driven by the desperation incited by this fact. 

So, here I sit at the pediatric dentist’s waiting room, waiting for her to come out. Next to me sits an obnoxious, attention seeking middle-aged man who’s loud conversation with his equally obnoxious and loud attention seeking teenaged son had me on my last nerve. Woot woot, his son is finally called in to see the dentist. I am thankful for small miracles…thinking now I can write my post. 

Almost immediately, this guy’s phone “rings”— the ring tone is from the Road Runner cartoon, a loud “MEEP MEEP” notifies him that he has a text. I know this is a text because his phone keyboard is also set to loud, and set so every letter he types in response is the sound of an underwater bubble popping. Rapid fire blip blip blip, MEEP MEEP, blip blip blip blip, and on and on and on. . . where is the hidden camera? 

I pride myself on having the patience of the comatose. My patience is admired by those who know me, and those who have heard the legend of my nerves of steel. If the saying is true: “A wise person knows their own failings”, then I must be a genius, because I know that this man has tested me beyond my patience. I’d rather be in the dentists chair getting a filling than out here listening to this. 

I have decided that this isn’t the quality time with my daughter I’d hoped for. Perhaps I’ll wait in the car. MEEP MEEP

July 30, 2016, One Word Prompt: Admire~ <a href=””>Admire</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “MEEP MEEP

  1. “..the patience of the comatose.” I must remember this phrase as I have no patience whatsoever. I would not have lasted with that obnoxious man and his damn meep meep’s. You

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