I am a Northsider…I checked the Urban Dictionary this morning to see if Chicago would be understood if I left my proclamation at “I am a Northsider,” and what came up was a rather offensive, and very insulting jab at Northern Dubliners—that definition was naturally penned by a Southsider of Dublin Ireland. 

Knowing of this disdain that segregates other cities makes me feel a little better about our own urban feud. I was born in Ravenswood Hospital…on the north side of Chicago. That means I was born a Northsider. As such, I grew up knowing of the ongoing rivalry against Southsiders. 

There is an invisible line, like the one that separates a bedroom shared by feuding siblings, but this line is called Roosevelt Road, and it extends from the lake, probably to Oak Park, IL. (Yes, I said the lake, is there more than one lake in the world?) 

This division goes back several generations. The Irish Northsiders warned against the Irish Southsiders…wait a minute, could this rivalry have migrated here on the boat along with the immigrants from feuding Dublin Ireland? Hmm…

Northsiders have the Cubs, Ohare Airport, vs the Southsiders with their White Sox and Midway Airport. Really, both sides are self sustaining, so one shouldn’t feel the need to ever cross over…but I did have a friend once, who escaped the south side, he seemed a little nervous to be out, but he was normal. 

I actually lived on the south side for a year as a fourth grade child in the Bridgeport neighborhood where my dad owned a diner. I did detect a stronger Chicago dialect, but no other noticeable differences.

I moved out of Chicago twenty years ago, but I suspect not much has changed, other than the escalating crime and taxes. Crime in Chicago does not discriminate, both sides are equal opportunity employers for rape and murder. 

Having been born a Northsider, I am now obligated to prefer the north side of everywhere. Northern California over Southern California, the entire Northern United States, in fact, over the Southern half, Northern Europe over Southern Europe; I’ve never been to a Pole, but I just know I’d fit in better at the North Pole. Neverywhere is I where I feel I can connect to those around me. 

I just don’t believe I could be happy in the south. I’m a democrat, I believe in equality and education, I will never understand grits, or biscuits and gravy as a breakfast item. And why eat okra? The South is too different. 
The book of Idioms must have been written by a Northsider – “Gone South”~ To fall or slide down; to decline; to fall in value. 

I have no point, just observations. Please don’t get your Southsider panties in a bunch, this is just a little poking.


May 17, 2016, One Word Daily Post: South~ <a href=””>South</a&gt;

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