Hand Solo

I pride myself on my independence. I try to do things solo, and whether or not these tasks are successful, I can say I did them myself. To date I have attempted to: 

• Cut my own hair, and in doing this I learned two important things: 

1. Don’t cut hair with the same scissors your child used in second grade to cut construction paper, and 
2. Don’t cut your own hair. 

• Pierce my own ears. Self piercing earrings were a torture device devised in the late 1970’s. They dragged out what should have taken no more than 10 seconds to two weeks of hell, followed by an infection and two half pierced ear lobes. 

• I’ve repaired my own appliances, and learned two important lessons in that process: 

1. If the YouTube Video I am using as a reference guide is 5 minutes long, it will take me 5 hours to accomplish the repair. 
2. If I have pieces left over once I’ve finished reassembling my appliance, I did it wrong.

Today is a new day and I am attempting to do something completely new and of no real value. I will be reading my palm…solo. I have no experience in this art, but my thirst for knowledge has lead me to the fountain of information known as the internet. 

What do I hope to achieve in reading my palm?
I have two goals, and If you have two hands like I do, a left one and a right one, your character can be evaluated and your future can be predicted.

What are the fundamentals?
• The left hand is read to determine your potential future, and the right hand is read as your character evaluation.
• There are four main lines in ones palm: The heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. Only some people have the fate line, and as fate would have it, I do.
• The shape of your hand, the length of your fingers, the shapes of your nails, and the size and location of the fleshy pads in your palm all represent different character traits. 
• The length, shape, and pattern of the four lines all have their own meaning: Curvy lines can mean you’re energetic, broken lines mean emotional trauma, long deep lines represent vitality, circles mean depression, wavy lines mean a short attention span…
Where was I? I’ve been studying my hands for several hours, and comparing them with the charts. I am eager to share my findings. 

1. My learning line is forked which to me (forks and learning) implies that I need cancel my plans to host and cook Christmas dinner this year, and possibly stop cooking altogether.

2. My Child line is visible by making a fist. The number of creases at the side of the fist by the pinky finger determines the number of children I birthed. According to my palm, I only birthed two children. This can only mean that one of my children is an imposter.   

3. My long fingers indicate anxiety, and my short fingernails mean I’m sarcastic and critical. If they were almond shaped, I would be kind and a have long term relationship with someone whose initials are CF… Hmm, pass the nail file. _____________________________

The Daily Post, December 10, 2015, Daily Prompt: Life Line~ You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/life-line/”>Life Line</a>

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