Nailed It

Had I not been driving with her in the car, and as such, setting an example, I would have started the excavation through the black hole that I call my purse, searching for my phone to take a photo to show you. I did point it out to my daughter, she glanced out the window and honored me with an “Oh… yeah.” 

The sky, not my tinted sunglass lense, was awe inspiring. The countless shades of blue, ranging from a vibrant deep cerulean, to a faint powdery pastel, the luminous white tufts, and the heaviness of multi hued grey storm clouds that were moving in- amazing. Meanwhile I restrained myself in order to set an example. Had I looked, and found my phone (highly unlikely considering the state of my purse), the odds that I’d have captured what my eyes saw were slim anyway, so I let the photo op go and just took the scene. 

That thought brought me back to last week , when my son graduated from middle school, and my futile attempt to capture that moment when he accepted his graduation certificate. I don’t do well under pressure. What pressure? The pressure I put on myself… that pressure! It’s the one chance to capture that moment in pixels… to freeze time… to make him stay fourteen forever. I put so much importance on that one moment, that not only did I almost drop my phone, missing the shot, but in the process, I completely missed the moment myself. 

The moment that I did capture was that of my phone falling, as you can see in the above featured image. I posted it on Facebook, and the first comment was “Nailed it”. I do see the humor in it, but that was a turning point for me. I’ve decided to try to live in the moment, rather than trying to capture the moment where my kids are concerned. I have way too many pictures like the one above, or the clear ones of the wrong kid. I’ve missed enough. There is a beautiful world going on around me. I’m going to start looking.

I’ve exhausted the topic of the subjectivity of physical beauty- (Feel free to read that post.)-

Thanks Tracy for the FB comment and title. 😉

The Daily Post, June 17, 2015, Daily Prompt: Moved To Tears~ Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.<a href=””>Moved to Tears</a><a href=””>Moved to Tears</a>

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