My Joy

Life as a single parent is not for the faint of heart. I would recommend avoiding this scenario if at all possible. If you are already in the thick of it, I have some free advise to offer. Nothing is free you say? This is, and it’s worth every cent.

You must be available to your children at all times. Teenagers in particular are in need of constant supervision. Not as easily done as said. Juggling two work schedules and trying to keep your house of cards from collapsing can be over whelming at times, but raising good people is the most important thing in life, so keeping focus is imperative.

Required tools for the single parent:

Glasses- Focus as we age can become blurred. Get your eyes checked and take off the blinders. The “I just can’t look” mentality won’t work with parenting. You’ve got to see what’s going on, and react accordingly.

A Whip- Someone will need to crack the whip… and carry a stool. Like lion taming in many ways, a parent must be adept at striking the air with a flick of the wrist, while making a quick guttural “ha” sound. The goal is to startle them while repositioning yourself so that you are firmly standing on two legs, slightly bent, and spread to shoulder distance apart. Never turn your back on them. You may circle them while in this stance via side step. Have the exit location in clear view. The stool is for you to take periodic breaks and rethink this strategy.

A voice recorder- You will have to say everything three times, so save your voice. I just record my thought the first time and hit repeat twice… at least.

A cell phone- Sometimes even hearing something three times isn’t enough. In this case, you must text. This works even if you are in the same room.

Hair color- Cover the gray, and you will go gray. Don’t let them see it. It’s a sign of weakness, and we must appear forceful and robust.

Tissue- Every milestone brings relief and joy. The inexplicable joy when your child graduates middle school, does well on an exam, gets their drivers license is really nonsensical. These milestones are supposed to happen, and yet when they do, you get a little farklempt.

These milestones are your chance to show weakness. You’ve kept it together far too long. Let it out. Your teens will be humiliated that their mom is sobbing in public, but this is payback for the many tantrums and embarrassment you’ve suffered on their watch. Payback can be truly joyful.

May the upcoming year be filled with the milestones that will afford you many opportunities to sob in public. Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
Albert Einstein
The Daily Post
Dec 31, 2014
Happy Happy Joy Joy
We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear… and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?
Pure joy?

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