A Pirate Limerick Fer Yer Mums Day

*Repostin from Mum’s Days of yore— fer tis a mumosa hoistin day fer sum, argh. Deep in me core aye heart me spawn three, Me three spawn, they say, also heart me. Once joined at the hip, Till through they did slip, Since then aye’ve naer longed to be free. *more mother’s day👇🏼 https://alotfromlydia.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/what-did-you-weigh/

The Star Ye Wisht On

Missteps faux pas and blunders Fer me make no mistake They're a part of life ye can't avoid Both bad and good ye take T'ain't what the star ye wisht on Had promised as it fell Setbacks bills work and heartaches It does feel rather more like hell But ye plod along with hopes and … Continue reading The Star Ye Wisht On