Wealth Gap Spreads with Cuts to Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." ~ Benjamine Franklin Most countries in the civilized world see education as a necessary investment in their future, crucial for financial success and competitiveness. Most countries do, but not all. What kind of a country doesn't value education, making it a luxury affordable only to an elite … Continue reading Wealth Gap Spreads with Cuts to Education

What is Going On at Berkeley? 

Prettily situated on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, The University of California, Berkeley is a prestigious school affiliated with over 70 Nobel Laureates whose areas of expertise include physics, chemistry, economics, and literature.  The school accepts only the brightest 17% of the population, and shakes down in-state residents for $35k while outsiders … Continue reading What is Going On at Berkeley? 

Speaking of Cake

Speaking of cake, today is my birthday. Please don't comment happy birthday, because I'll ignore it. I hate everything about birthdays. I only mention mine to illustrate the fact that birthdays are just another day. If a person (I) expects people to bow at their (my) will, just this one day a year, they (I) … Continue reading Speaking of Cake

Counting Down

There are two days left until I take my middle child—thing two—to school. To part with two of my three children this month has been beyond intense, and if I weren't so overwhelmed with the logistics of the process: shopping, packing, planning, working, traveling, I'd probably be in search of matching slacks for my straight jacket.  … Continue reading Counting Down

A Life of Luxury 

At six all I wanted was a puppy  At sixteen I dreamt about autonomy  from my parents  Beginning age eighteen I searched  for a boyfriend  who would give me chocolate At twenty two the wish was  a job worth a champagne toast  By thirty  the time to shave both legs  during the same shower  without … Continue reading A Life of Luxury 

One Down

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." ~Edward Hopper Let me try to paint you a picture with my words. Life is rarely normal for me, or is it this way for everyone? I'd like just one hallmark moment in my lifetime, for something to happen the way I … Continue reading One Down