Trump Hijacked My Blog

My blog = me. I write what I want, when I want, if I want, about who I want, and how I want. (period)👈🏻 My blog has morphed from that of “struggling, divorced, working parent, who resents 'the man', and who aspires to write for cash," to that of an "average American suffering from political … Continue reading Trump Hijacked My Blog

Something is Going Around

I hate to brag, but my child is a gifted actor. I am his most loyal fan, and a season ticket holder. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen a performance of this caliber from my son, a high school junior. I’ll call him Stan, short for Stanislavsky—the creator of method acting in the … Continue reading Something is Going Around

A Limerick for My Second Spawn

This day in 1997A bundle descended from heavenHer name was EmmaFirst a dilemma For you, a clinical progression: ~"Heaven" in real terms was my uterusManifested in a large protuberance She was happy in thereSadly going no where Her firm grip was somewhat dubious ~Obstetrician scheduled an inductionI arrived at 9 as per instructions5 pm rolled … Continue reading A Limerick for My Second Spawn

A Limerick for My Baby

Twenty one years ago today On a hot humid summer's day Zoe landed on earth (Yes—some call it birth) 'Twas done in a quite painful way                                 ~ *Fair Warning ⚠️ details of the story: Are, well... indecorous and gory … Continue reading A Limerick for My Baby

Days of Murky Politics

**Fair warning: philosophical and political musings expressed here are tainted with liberalism.  Today is June 17, 2017, and as has been the case since November 9, 2016, there is an over abundance of news available for me to slant into my (correct) position:  Donald Trump is now officially under investigation yet he continues to tweet … Continue reading Days of Murky Politics

Long After the Birth of the 2008 Financial Crisis, The Republicans Want Another Baby

Who remembers the financial crisis of 2008? Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller?? Like the pain of childbirth, the economic contraction that burst the housing bubble and led to epidural bank bailouts that were as ineffective as self hypnosis at relieving said pain felt while birthing oversized billionaires with giant heads, it all seems to have been forgotten.  … Continue reading Long After the Birth of the 2008 Financial Crisis, The Republicans Want Another Baby