More on the Barr Report

Donald Trump says he’s been cleared. DonaldTrump is a liar, but we knew that. Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report leaves more questions than it answers. He expects us to accept his version and forget the whole thing, it’s not going to happen. 1. Why did Mueller say he wasn't able to "exonerate" Trump? 2. … Continue reading More on the Barr Report

Lookout Below… a poem

The fallout from Michael Cohen’s testimony has finally begun. The House Judiciary Committee vs individual 1 Reports of requests made to 81 people with Trump ties The list's not complete, there will be more people: traitors, and spies Demanding documents from political loyalists, Business associates, allies, and family made the list A sprawling probe has … Continue reading Lookout Below… a poem

It’s Your Play, Congress

Yesterday Michael Cohen raised questions confirmed suspicions that Donald Trump conspired to defraud the United States. You may recall, Michael Cohen's opening statement during yesterday's hearing: He detailed his own crimes, his faults, and his stupidity. Regardless, the GOP obstreperously attempted to discredit him. "Yes, I'm a felon, I'm going to jail. Yes?" Is … Continue reading It’s Your Play, Congress

What You Missed – Cohen’s Testimony

In a sentence— the GOP was ANGRY, while Democrats asked questions. Republican Questioning of Michael Cohen at Hearing Is Bad - Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Don't Ask About Trump While the GOP is now attempting to paint Ohio Republican Ranking member Jim Jordan as "an attack dog", he was more of a whiny bitch, in … Continue reading What You Missed – Cohen’s Testimony

Cohen’s Testimony Today

This will be a day for the history books. Today is the day Trump’s former “fixer,” attorney Michael Cohen, testifies to correct statements he previously made under oath, lying on Trump's behalf. Michael Cohen has been the target of several attempts by Trump's entourage to discredit him. He discredits himself in his opening statement, but … Continue reading Cohen’s Testimony Today

Trump’s 3 Matts

Former acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, has been asked to return to the Judiciary Committee to "clarify" his February 8 testimony, because they suspect he committed perjury. Perjury is a felony. A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines. A new report claims Donald Trump's former doormat, … Continue reading Trump’s 3 Matts