Aspirations on the Eve of a New Year

Cats live nine... Which would make tomorrow My sixth I suspect Prelude undertaken Ephemerally circumspect See art In all around me Hear hushed music In the air Silver sunshine Warm my cheeks Feel a cool breeze Lift my hair Taste salty tears Of happiness Let them flow... It's allowed Smell cut grass, Flowers, Snow, The … Continue reading Aspirations on the Eve of a New Year

Trump’s 3 Hour Tour of Duty… a poem

The first time in history Say several sources A president hadn't Visited armed forces ~ A millionaire and his wife, Shamed mercilessly Did what they should have done, Disproportionately The Donalds visited troops On deployed stay The timing was obvious, Late Christmas Day An extra push came With news of a doctor who Played a … Continue reading Trump’s 3 Hour Tour of Duty… a poem

Do You Recall Who Blew Santa’s Cover for You?.. a limerick

Do you recall which person told you? Santa had been a successful coup A magical feat It’s end a defeat Childhood mysteries suddenly through ~ An older sibling, a bully at school One who enjoyed how it felt to be cruel After that began Questioning the man Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy? You were fooled. ~ … Continue reading Do You Recall Who Blew Santa’s Cover for You?.. a limerick

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Enough time has passed that I feel strong enough to discuss this. We don’t have support groups for the holidays, but we should. Thanksgiving is the day of the year I dislike most. Why? Three reasons. One— No one ever believes I’m really not going to eat fowl... “It’s T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G!” (Yes, I know. If it … Continue reading Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving History, repost

There was a time when my blog was not focused on politics. I wrote this (mostly) nonpolitical post two years ago. In retrospect I've decided Trump doesn't deserve so much of my time. His end is near, the wheels are in motion, and I am thankful for that. I'm looking forward to writing for the … Continue reading Thanksgiving History, repost

Why is Trump in France?… a poem

It's undeniable Trump did not go to France For ceremonial Armistice observance Trump abstained due to tales of precipitation POTUS rain-spurs fear was his hair's ruination Trudeau pays respects to fallen soldiers in France | Watch News Videos Online Trump's shame is complete, his absence was abhorrent Free world leaders paid tribute... despite the torrent … Continue reading Why is Trump in France?… a poem