Karens and Ice-Cube

Yesterday I learned that I cannot make jokes about menopause when the topic of conversation is Karens, because it's sexist. *A Karen, if anyone doesn't know, is a racist white woman who has lost her mind. She is a tRump supporter. Legend has it that the first such woman caught on tape was named Karen. … Continue reading Karens and Ice-Cube

Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

I grew up in Chicago before winters became mild. Chicago winters today are, like creamy peanut butter, for wimps. There can not be two opinions on this, because it is not opinion, it is a fact. Real men and women eat crunchy peanut butter. Likewise, pre-Y2K Chicago winters were crunchy, super crunchy, the stuff of … Continue reading Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

The Back of Alex’s Head

*In memory of my high school crush who passed away this week. Peace Alex. I truly hated high schoolAnd wished to disappearSelf destructive recklessnessUnited rage and fear~Ruled by a combinationHormone fueled carnalityInsecure, despairing Mulling my mortality~ Struggling for independenceDysfunction in my homeHow does anyone survive youth?World, please leave me alone!~That wish had one exceptionAs futile … Continue reading The Back of Alex’s Head

Where is the Raft?

The rising sun's heat warms my back as a light breeze cools it; I inhale mist of salty air and smile. Finally I can relax...am I dead?  Floating along on life's metaphorical inflatable raft, of course something unreasonable has to happen, because this is me.  With increasing volume...I hear the roar of a giant wave. … Continue reading Where is the Raft?

Carrie Fisher’s Legacy 

The news of Carrie Fishers death saddened me, but when I realized her mother has survived her I was heart broken. Singing in the Rain, Tammy and the Bachelor, The Unsinkable Molly Brown—all starred Carrie's mom—Debbie Reynolds. I'm not sure if my children have ever heard of her, but I grew up watching her old … Continue reading Carrie Fisher’s Legacy 


Starbucks didn't have holiday spice for the coffee she (let's call her Magi) had already paid for. One of the baristas (Mary?) went to who knows where (possibly Bethlehem) to locate some of the elusive spice (Myrh?)  Twenty minutes passed...meanwhile she should already have been at work. Word came from who knows who (Joseph?) that there was … Continue reading Distractions