Question for Bloggers

I keep getting pop-ups to switch
WordPress to another app which
Is called “Jetpack App.”
Is it a sand-trap?
Has anyone here scratched that itch?

9 thoughts on “Question for Bloggers

  1. Yes. So far, knock on wood, it’s going fine for me. I use Android, if you’re an Apple user you might want to check with another one to see how that is going.
    They appear to have created the JetPack app instead of doing updates to the WordPress app. JetPack was previously almost invisible to users, but was available as an add on to users. I think they may be trying to simplify at the organizational level. A lot of the functionality that looked like it was WordPress to .com users was actually part of JetPack.
    At a guess they will just maintain JetPack going forward. Having worked, albeit very long ago, as a programmer I suspect there was a glitch or incompatibility with current operating systems that they couldn’t work out as a simple upgrade, so they had to go back and build it from the ground up. Using a different name has advantages: it helps with trouble shooting(they know if you are running the older program), and it gives JetPack, which has a paid option, more visibility.

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  2. I still use and have had no problems–other than pingbacks not working, which was a problem for everyone. My only source for blogging is my computer–I don’t blog from my phone–so am loathe to change anything that I’m not sure of. Not being tech-savvy has a lot to do with it for me.

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    1. Thanks Lois. To read your comment I had to go around the JetPack pop-up. I use my phone exclusively, so I may be less tech savvy than you. I’ve decided I’m going in. If you don’t hear from me by next week send help. (Tech help) 🫣

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      1. Now that is interesting. So JetPack is for only phone users? Having to go around the pop-up would be a pain if that is WP’s way of saying, ‘Make the switch, for crying out loud!’

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      2. I have no idea. I hate change, and I don’t like the set up. When I open the app the first thing I see is the all the drafts I never posted. I guess it’s time to revise and post or delete them. My content seems to have survived, so I guess it the rest doesn’t matter.

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