Meet-Up: Asteroids & Satellites

I just can’t with the rhetoric of the new far-right Italian Prime Minister.

Giorgia Meloni

I don’t want to discuss the violence that has erupted in draft offices across Russia by those who oppose conscription.

What is China up to in regard to Taiwan? Don’t answer that! I don’t want to know.

The plummet of the British pound and the effect it will have on the non-rich. Don’t tell me.

Mark Meadows, and crazy diaper-pants Trump. Don’t neglect Iran or Ukraine, but for my sanity, I must set them aside today.

Ugh, what can I do with this misery? I could take a stroll, inhaling in the crisp autumn air, memorizing the first hint of fall that by next week will boast a broad spectrum of vibrant and muted colors still unmolested by climate change. I would recreate it with oil on canvas if I could. Or, I could adopt another dog… no, I can’t.

I demand more. What I need is something extreme, like watching a satellite hit an asteroid in space.

Hold on. [Wipes off glasses and reads again.] My wish is granted!

NASA is conducting a test, aiming a small satellite at an asteroid to see what deviation or alteration of course the impact will cause, and if such could be a viable means to deflect any future asteroids headed toward earth. When is this meet-up? How do we watch?

NASA has arranged impact for 7:14 p.m. ET Monday… THAT’S TODAY! Live coverage will air on NASA TV beginning at 6 p.m. ET. I have less than eight hours to figure out how to watch NASA TV.

NASA is about to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid. Here’s why the mission could one day save humanity.

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