One-Sided Budget Negotiation’s

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post. As has become or invariably has been the pattern, Democrats give in to the minority Republicans.

  • Scratched from President Biden’s budget package is a tuition-free community college. Instead, they are considering offering scholarships.
  • Negotiations have resulted in reducing the child tax credit to a 1-year extension.
  • Home health care will receive less than $250 billion, as opposed to the recommended $400 billion.
  • Next on the chopping block is the proposed 12-week paid leave benefit, which will likely be reduced to four weeks.
  • Still contested is the $300 billion climate change measure, the single item that might have garnered votes from Manchin and others who live in Exxon’s pocket. Okay

Medicare expansion, universal pre-K, and Affordable Care Act funding are still on the table.

Senator Joe Manchin’s sticking point is regulating the fossil fuel industry. His stock in coal alone secures him an annual revenue that fluctuates between $500,000 and $1 million.–and-gets-big-donations-from-fossil-fuel-industry_partner/

In related news, in that it may implicate the Senate Minority Mitch McConnell, Putin’s buddy, Oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s Washington and New York homes have been raided by the FBI.

Deripaska is suspected of money laundering and for helping Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, interfere in the 2016 U.S. election through his connection with both Russian intelligence and Russian organized crime. You may remember Trump and Mitch McConnell successfully arguing to lift sanctions aimed at Deripaska and his company, Russian Aluminum (RusAl.) Mitch McConnell was rewarded financial contributions from Russian sources under the guise of an investment in his state of Kentucky.

McConnell has received millions of dollars in campaign contributions that can be traced to foreign nationals, which is prohibited by law. Wouldn’t it be nice to have McConnell face consequences? Maybe then the budget could be negotiated without his obstruction.

According to Reuters, the Southern District of New York, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan, leads the Deripaska investigation. This is good news because SDNY has been quiet lately as to its progress in investigating Trump’s financial crimes. New York District Attorney Cy Vance is set to retire in just over two months; the clock is ticking.

One last observation. Abolishing the filibuster is urgent. Federal voting rights acts will never garner 60 votes.

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