All Hail Tom Brady- No Thanks

All hail Tom Brady, the 400-year-old QB who doesn’t age or lose. I don’t watch sports, so I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I know who Tom Brady is.

Last week I watched a video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show, of Tom Brady reading “mean tweets,” and it was meant to be endearing. Okay, so Tom Brady can laugh at criticism. That only means he has enough ego fat to cushion a fall.

I don’t know what team he’s on, and I don’t care enough about him to be a hater, but I would like to remind you of a few Brady facts.

  • Tom Brady was a Trump supporter. Is he still? If I cared more I’d check.
    • Tom Brady walked into the stadium yesterday maskless, knowing millions of people were watching, which makes him a maskhole.
    • Tom Brady’s net worth is $200 million. That doesn’t include his super-model wife’s net-worth (which dwarfs his.) Despite his obscene wealth, Tom Brady took a forgivable government loan which was part of the first COVID19 relief bill. I’ll repeat that for those of you in the cheap seats: on behalf of his company, TB12, Tom Brady took $960,000 from the “Pay Protection Program” in forgivable government loans. That money is going to be paid back with tax dollars— taxes that seem to be paid only by the middle class.

    So maybe he needed it. I don’t think so.

    • After taking the forgivable government loan, Tom Brady bought himself a “multimillion-dollar super-boat.”

    Tom Brady may be a great athlete, but he’s also a selfish jackass with no self-awareness.

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