The Next Road Taken


A bleak cold winter’s gray weighted sky,

No crunch of leaves reduced underfoot,

Imagining the whats, wheres, and whys,

Brilliance muted, sodden, élan dies,

Contemplating the variant route.


I detest this season; is that wrong?

In six months I’ll search then to compare:

Cerulean sky, June days prolonged,

Two yellow birds in a birch chirp songs.

Either road taken now leads nowhere.


Choices, free will, was I mistaken

To rejoice in social starvation?

Confined by my mind’s fears, left shaken,

Content without ground undertaken,

Searching for self-realization.


Hope for the new day: vault each travail,

Find diversion in every season.

Life’s next forked road: leap, provoke, regale.

A trial today, tomorrow a tale.

Live with purpose, not within reason.


Lydia E

1/1/2021 (A lot from Lydia)

Happy New Year, friends! That was my response to Robert Frost, written as I ended 2020 with a blinding migraine. I still feel a slight squeeze of the vice on my head 24 hours later. This reminds me that we only have twenty days left until our collective headache is expelled. I think we might make it!

There is a sun shining behind those clouds!

11 thoughts on “The Next Road Taken

    1. Thank you for whispering, Lois. I know I’m not suffering this headache alone. Mine wasn’t alcohol-induced, but a headache is a headache. I’m reaching for the Advil now. 🥳 Happy New Year to you!

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  1. Oh, Lydia! Just when you thought Trump couldn’t get any lower (did we ever really think that??), now he is on tape asking GA Secy of State to find him 11,000 votes to overturn that state election?! CNN had an interview with Carl Bernstein who said Trump should be told to resign. Right now. Hope your headache is better.

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    1. It is, thank you. I want to know how many crimes he is allowed to commit before he is held accountable. This latest felony should be the last straw, but how many times have we thought that over the past four years?

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      1. This is so f’ed up. I’m at a total loss here. I cannot wait until Wednesday to see how everything goes. I know you had read the news, but, you know my first thought was ‘wait until Lydia hears this!’ Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Happy New Year!

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