Climate Is Only Part of Our Crisis

“It takes only 2-5 years to destabilize a nation…The next stage is crisis.” ~KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s

It’s a new decade, January 2, 2020. I’m not celebrating; my optimism has waned, and the crippling anxiety I feel over the future is an epidemic among the aware. I guess there is some comfort in that.

Australia has been burning since November 7, with no end in sight. Fires surpassing those in the Amazon Rainforest that garnered so much publicity and outrage, are met with a collective shrug.

The natural anguish when Notre Dame burned should be proportional when an entire country rings in the roaring ’20s with rapidly spreading roaring flames, but it is not.

We have become desensitized to the ravages of fire, mudslides, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes tornadoes and every other type of “natural disaster.” But this new normal of disasters is not natural, it is man-made, and it was preventable. Climate change is real, and according to, it’s happening at a rate ten times faster than any time in the last 65 million years.

Are we at the point, as democratic presidential candidate Yang contends, where the immediate solution in answer to climate change is to move our people to higher ground? Higher ground in the U.S. is devastated by fires and mudslides. Should we instead gravitate toward the middle of the country, away from the oceans and forests, toward different categories of extreme storms, risking exposure to record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, more violent tornadoes and a deluge of flooding?

The climate has spiraled of control, it’s accelerating, because of another crisis that is underway. We have a worldwide group of leaders who should not be in a position to lead, and who are in fact not leading at all but self-dealing.

A good chunk of society has been gradually manipulated and guided into blind apathetic contentment. We are beyond the point of global crisis. This is the normalization period.

How did we get here?

Watch this video, a prediction given in the Regan era by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, warning America of the methods Russia would use to destroy not only the United States but many other countries who were our allies before this administration chose dictators.

According to Bezmenov, this duped generation is hopeless. We can only focus our efforts on the next.

I may feel dejected, and depressed, but I’m not ready to pass a flaming baton to the next generation. We owe them more.

2 thoughts on “Climate Is Only Part of Our Crisis

  1. Ditto what VJ said. If things are not directly affecting people, they can shrug their shoulders and say “oh yes, that’s awful,” then shrug and get on with what they were doing. Nobody really seems to care. They see everything that is happening as someone else’s problem. Wake up I say, wake up.

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