Cory Lewandowski is a Dick

Ding dong, impeachment hearings have begun. What impeachment hearings, you ask? The hearings that will determine whether or not Fake POTUS committed the impeachable offense of obstruction of justice by attempting to cut short, end, and or limit the Mueller investigation. There are ten separate occurrences of this offense described in Robert Mueller’s report.

As one would expect, the orange menace is obstructing these hearings, abusing his power by keeping witnesses from cooperating. Why is an innocent man fighting an investigation? My guess is that it’s the same reason an honest man would have to hide his taxes. (He’s not innocent.)

“The President would have us believe that he can willfully engage in criminal activity and prevent witnesses from testifying before Congress — even if they did not actually work for him or his administration. If he were to prevail in this cover-up while the Judiciary Committee is considering whether to recommend articles of impeachment, he would upend the separation of powers as envisioned by our founders.” ~Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D/NY)

The White House wrote to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, advising them that former campaign assistant Cory Lewandowski had “immunity,” and would not discuss any conversations between himself and DT, he would not answer questions beyond what was in the Mueller report.

The White House also advised the committee that former aides Rick Dearborn and Rob Porter were not required to adhere to their subpoenas because of “executive privilege.”

“Mr. Lewandowski’s conversations with the President and with senior advisers to the President are protected from disclosure by long-settled principles protecting Executive Branch confidentiality interests, and, as a result, the White House has directed Mr. Lewandowski not to provide information about such communications beyond the information provided in the portions of the Report that have already been disclosed to the Committee.”~White House counsel Pat Cipollone

Nadler responded, saying that by restricting Lewandowski’s testimony and by blocking other witnesses from testifying, based on “crony privilege,” the White House is orchestrating “an absolute cover-up.”

Cory Lewandowski was the first witness in these impeachment hearings to be questioned. He was a dick— disrespectful, uncooperative, non-compliant, insulting, etc.

As per orders, we heard the following repeated several times by Lewandowski.

“The White House has directed me not to disclose the substance of any discussions.”~ Campaign Aid Cory Lewandowski

Lewandowski did say the Mueller report is accurate. In it are descriptions of his private discussions with Trump who asked him to pressure then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions into curtailing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in 2017. Lewandowski did not complete the task.

There was confirmation of the following:

    Lewandowski’s said the Mueller report is accurate, although he denied reading it.🤔
  • Lewandowski confirmed that DT told him to order then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop Mueller’s probe into his 2016 campaign, limiting Mueller to only look for future election meddling.
  • He said there was ”no collusion or obstruction,” despite several examples of both listed in the Mueller report, (which he said is correct, but he did not read).
    His testimony would have us believe that he had intended to tell AG Jeff Sessions to put limits on Mueller’s investigation, as per his orders from DT, but he did not do so because he went on a two-week family vacation.
  • Lewandowski used the hearing to promote his books.
  • Lewandowski refused to answer a question of whether Trump has ever offered him a pardon. (It would have been easy to deny.)
  • Lewandowski blamed President Obama for Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.
  • During a break Lewandowski posted a link on Twitter that would allow you to donate to his potential Senate campaign next year in New Hampshire.
  • And finally, no White House fueled testimony would be complete without a jab at Hillary Clinton.

“Let me remind you, Mr. Lewandowski, that this is not a Republican primary campaign; you are not on the campaign trail yet. This is the House Judiciary Committee. Act like you know the difference.” ~Democratic Representative, Hakeem Jeffries

In the Mueller report, Lewandowski said he did not want to complete his orders (telling AG Sessions to leash Mueller) in Sessions’ office, where he would have had to sign a log which would have left proof of their meeting. His testimony on Tuesday was a little different—

“Jeff and I are friends socially, and I wanted to have the opportunity to have a meal with Jeff and relay the conversation” ~Lewandowski

Interesting to me was that Lewandowski took part in a book signing event this week, autographing copies of a printed version of the Mueller report, which he says he never read. During the signing, he said that he couldn’t autograph every page that mentioned his name, because there are so many.

House Judiciary Counsel Berke questions Lewandowski

Knocking it out of the park was the attorney who questioned Lewandowski for the last 30 minutes of Tuesday’s hearing, on behalf of the democratic members of the committee. Barry Berke came armed with Lewandowski’s words, taken from the Mueller report, his interviews on Fox News and MSN, and his two “best selling” books to expose his lies.

“I have no obligation to be honest with the media because they are just as dishonest as everybody else.” ~Lewandowski

Insert plaid shirt guy’s face here:

You can assume that Corey Lewandowski only tells the truth when he’s under oath because that’s what he said under oath. Knowing that, CNN had him as a guest today.

History is repeating itself.

“Article 3 of Nixon’s impeachment was obstruction of Congress, refusing to obey defined congressional subpoenas, pleading imaginary privilege, and obviously that’s what the President has been doing. Nixon wasn’t foolish to say in advance that he’s going to defy all congressional subpoenas … and today we saw a witness instructed by the White House completely contemptuous of Congress who refused to answer relevant questions. Just another instance of obstruction of Congress and that’s what Article 3 of the Nixon impeachment was.” ~Nadler

At the end of Lewandowski’s testimony yesterday, Jerry Nadler said: “I’ve been asked several times today whether the committee will hold you in contempt. It is certainly under consideration.”

Contempt of Congress is the act of obstructing the work of the United States Congress or one of its committees.

Landowski has set the tone for future witnesses. By allowing him to be a dick (act in blatant contempt of congress), we can expect more of the same. Chairman Nadler needs to stop talking about what he might do and start doing.

Judiciary (Democrats)

are keeping a tally of calls for contempt.

Keep calling! (202) 225-3951

#1 to leave message

#2 to speak with a human

We know congress is suing former White House counsel Don McGahn who earlier this year failed to testify before Congress, despite a subpoena, following White House orders. That is a start, but why the delay?

*Honorable mention must go to the following republican members of the Judiciary Committee: Doug Collins (R/GA), Gym Jordan (R/OH), and Matt Gaetz (R/FL). They are dicks too.

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