Trump’s Personal History with Immigrants

We are all guilty of hypocrisy at some point in our lives on some level. I have been guilty of it in my parenting. While I never pretended to have been a paragon of virtue, my children do not know the scope my youthful transgressions. I’d rather be a role model they can aspire to emulate than have them see my experiences as validation to make the mistakes I made. I’d rather not have to say- do as I say not as I did. It is my flawed parenting style.

If we need another example of a role model of hypocrisy, Donald Trump comes to mind. The immigration policy he has set into motion under the guise of “they’re taking our jobs” is do as I say not as I have done on a grand scale.

We all know by now Donald Trump’s mother was a Scottish immigrant. She was never in violation of any immigration laws, but the same can not be said for the current First Lady, Trump’s third wife, and the second immigrant he married. Milana worked illegally for a time in the 1990’s- yes, the First Lady was an undocumented worker. Either Trump has forgotten this, or he chooses to be selective in his immigrant outrage. 

But wait, there’s more. Trump has employed countless immigrants to save himself labor costs, but he also may have been motivated to employ them due to the fact that it is more difficult for an immigrant to sue for non-payment. 

In 2014 a Jamaican model named Alexia Palmer filed a law suit against Trump Model Management for just that. She had been promised an annual salary of $75,000, but was paid a total of only $3,380.75 for three years work. Palmer came to the US at age 17 under the H-1B visa program in 2011. If you do the math it’s easy to see that Trump owes her more than $200,000. — chump change for a billionaire —  but that’s not the point. He hired her and didn’t pay her. He has done the same to at least a thousand other immigrants over the years.

Palmer also stated that Trump Model Management charged, in addition to a management fee, “obscure expenses” from postage to limousine rides that consumed the remainder of her compensation. How classy Donald.

Trump’s attorney Alan Garten claimed the lawsuit was “bogus and completely frivolous”. Are those legal terms? 
Palmer, who failed to recoup her earnings, has since filed a class-action lawsuit that could include an additional 250 foreign fashion models (with similar allegations) who Trump has attempted to bring to the U.S. since 2000 via Trump Model Management and Trump Management Group LLC. 

This class action lawsuit might be expanded to include an additional 1,100 foreign workers for whom Trump’s companies also filed visa paperwork since 2000. 

Donald Trump, self professed billionaire, and president who cares about American jobs, has employed countless immigrants over the years, as waitresses, cooks, vineyard workers, laborers, managers, superintendents, and fashion models, including at least 850 H-2B visa applications for workers from Mexico. 

So, what is the real reason for this mission Trump has to extricate immigrants? Does he owe them all money? Taxes are not the only bill Trump doesn’t pay.

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