What Mitch McConnell Said, and What He Didn’t Say

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a press conference today, possibly to do damage control for the Republican Party after Trump’s embarrassing press conference yesterday. 

McConnell, also known as the man who blocked President Obama’s every move, complained that democrats are slowing things down because they still can not accept the results of the election. He didn’t mention that he himself has been blocking investigations that might reveal Trump’s ties to Russia, or the degree to which Russia was responsible for the outcome of the election.

He said he is pleased with the job Trump has done so far, getting to work on repealing and replacing “Obamacare” the Affordable Care Act. 

He didn’t say that 15 million more Americans have healthcare today because of the Affordable Care Act, “ObamaCare,” and repealing it would mean insurers could go back to discriminating against people who need insurance most — dropping those who get sick, and refusing to cover pre-existing conditions.

He said Trump is “directly attacking the over regulation issue, and taking job killing regulations off the books,” 

He didn’t say the regulations Trump is “directly attacking” are in place because big corporations, like oil companies, have proven they can not be trusted to police themselves not to polute the water we drink, or the air we breathe. Big corporations, like oil companies, have proven their priority is bigger profits for a handfull of  billionaires achieved by eliminating precautions that safeguard the public. 

He didn’t say that the jobs that would be gained by giving oil companies free reign would be minimal.

He didn’t say regulations Trump has eliminated were there to protect the economy from another recession. Now banks can go back to deceptive practices of the past, and brokers can invest consumer’s retirement savings in a way that will be most profitable for the broker, without regard to the retirement savings. 

He said Trump has been working on a “comprehensive tax overhaul.”

He didn’t say the “comprehensive tax overhaul” would give tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations, at the cost of Medicare and Medicaid. 

He didn’t say any of those things because if the working class people who voted for Trump understood what he is really doing, they would no longer support the rich white man club, also known as the Republican Party.

17 February 2017

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