Throwing Stones From A Glass Trump Tower

Trump warns German auto industry officials, including BMW, they could face tariffs of up to 35 percent on cars they export to the U.S. if they set up manufacturing plants in Mexico instead of in the U.S. 

Oh Donald…you are throwing stones from a glass Trump Tower made from Chinese steel. 

Will you impose the same tariff on your lovely daughter Ivanka whose signature brand blouses are made in Indonesia, and whose jackets made in Vietnam, and whose leather bootees are manufactured in China
Will you self flagellate Donald (because you don’t pay taxes) since your Trump golf caps are made in Bangladesh, Trump Tower hoodies made in Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam, Trump sport coats and picture frames made in India, Trump men’s shirts made in South Korea, and Trump eyeglasses, shirts and ties are made in China?

What about the Trump vodka distilled in the Netherlands using European wheat, crystal and china made in Slovenia, the furniture made in Turkey and Germany…how will those items be subject to that 35 percent tariff if you don’t pay taxes?

It was refreshing to find an exception—those embroidered Trump “Let’s Make America Great Again” caps that were sold at rallies in the flyover states. Their labels read “Proudly Made in USA”— oh, wait that’s not right…January 16, 2017

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